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Crime | Drama
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7.2 / 10 
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Directors: Michael A. LoCicero [Director] ,

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A trip to the woods in rural New Hampshire becomes a fight for survival when two ex-convicts on the run cross paths with a young married couple.


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An actor named David Pridemore is perfectly menacing as an excon who steals a minivan and picks up his brother on his way to a cabin in the woods in Rhode Island. They beome squatters in the cabin and meet a married couple vacationing nearby.

The brothers are not very nice and some encounters lead to some violent and bloody results.

The script is sometimes funny in a Quentin Tarantino kind of style as the sibling rivalry becomes fodder for some very amusing exchanges between the two.

I was entertained most of the way but the finale was completely unrealistic and The Killers Next Door could have been a contender with a better ending.

The Killers Next Door is worth the rent!

This is worth the rent! A must-see! And David Pridemore is excellent as the unhinged villain, hopelessly anchored to his brother, played beautifully by Michael LoCicero! Rosanna Jimenez and Sean Carmichael wonderfully portray the troubled but heroic couple. Michael LoCicero did a wonderful job writing the story, as well as acting and directing. You'll really hurt for him as he tries to stop the madness.

The scenes are perfectly filmed - color, lighting, scenery. Every character is multifaceted. Each one has their unique likeability and their own demons. I became fond of the villains and started loathing the victims.

Straw Dogs meets True West

A gripping thriller that's reminiscent of Sam Peckinpah's "Straw Dogs" and Sam Shepard's brothers in "True West".

David Pridemore makes an excellent "love to hate" villain and Michael Locicero as the more morally ambiguous brother trying to escape the gravitational pull of his maniac sibling adds a nice unexpected twist to what could have been two dimensional characters.

Rosanna Jimenez and Sean Carmichael play the besieged targets of the killers well. By the end, you're rooting for them to end the craziness and create some needed justice in those woods in New Hampshire.

Overall, some good performances and solid cinematography make this a fun watch with some suspense and even some unexpected laughs along the way.
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