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108 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Chris Stokes [Director] ,

Movie Description:
Elizabeth, a woman with dissociative identity disorder, cheats death and has now a new mission, to find a new family and live happily ever after, beyond her troubled past.


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This is actually surprisingly pretty good!

This movie took me by suprise. It isn't overhyped over done or the most important to me; or too far fetched. This all could really happen. I'm not saying 100% real on every single thing, but I like that it isn't asking us to believe in martians flying then some stupid superficial twist. It has a pretty decent premise/plot and sticks to the story. Another thing that most films can't do. They try to weave too much together. This is just a story of a pyscho woman who escapes and is as they say in the film like a female Bundy. I don't know but it did hold my attention and better than most recent films. Check it out!

Erica mena 10/10

From watching love and hip hop I never knew erica mena could act, the stepmother 1 and 2, Mena gives you a truly great performance from start to finish. She embody the character and makes you believe she is 100000% crazy. It was the 1st time seeing erica mena act and she nailed the part couldn't see anyone else playing this role. She had me fully convince she Nutts. Mena plays a women with mental health who suffers with PTSD and bipolar (that's what I got from watching it I could be wrong) the film is well written and the acting from erica mena is truly great. I watched both films back to back and would recommend anyone to watch.
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