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Directors: Jayaprakash Radhakrishnan [Director] ,

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A man's long battle to save his comatose father is met with financial obstacles, and with his family suggesting euthanasia as the best possible option. What will he do?


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Everyone put 300% into this film

Wow...We wanna congratulate the cast and crew for delivering such a phenomenal movie. What made Thalaikoothal extra special was not the fact that it addressed euthanasia but the way the story was told.

-The screenplay was rich in characters, rich in symbolism, rich in dialogues, rich in score, actually just rich in everything.

We thought we were just going to watch Samuthirakani go through a dilemma whether or not to euthanize his dad but we got to witness other people's struggles too. These segments reinforced the scenario and excited us to keep on watching

-Kathir and Katha Nandi had an effortless and beautiful chemistry ??. The flashback moments demonstrated that indeed every life matters whether old or young. The elderly also have dreams, joys, & pleasures, and their age does not define them

-The acting was so natural and pure across characters that we were literally transported into the film. We felt like we were in their midst as the feelings, settings, and dialogues were genuine.

-Another important aspect of the movie was the symbolism of the chameleon. It was interesting how it was considered a "bad omen" then we saw how it all surprisingly ended

-Many thank yous to the editing, set design, music, and direction teams, as well as the rest of the crew for the quality work!

A humble tribute to the many who care; a humbling experience perhaps, to all who think they care

Its an incredibly beautiful movie communicating an incredibly difficult human attribute viz., love, with incredible simplicity. Love to those who haven't loved and lost may not be the same as those who have loved, lost and taken years to regroup wondering was there anything else that they missed which would have prevented their loss. I mean, the multi-billion dollar medtech and pharma industry owes a significant share of its bottomline to the heart strings of the later. They would put their own life and that of the rest of their loved ones on hold ceasing to count their days and months as they wait for that one bat of the eyelid or one twitch of the non-existent curl of the lip. And the value those who have loved and lost place making their loved ones find THEIR OWN expression, even for a moment longer can not be measured in rupees or dollars.

I loved the movie: the unpretentious care the family bestowed on the bedridden with the unobtrusive intertwining of the flow of his story made me proud to share the same lineage, a thamizh ponnu. The subtle cross reference introduced by the portrayal of the intact swallowing instinct of a fellow villager in a not too dissimilar condition to the dependency on enteral-tubes for nourishment of the hero was truly humbling; it made me wonder if the design of the enteral-nutritional aids could do more to reduce the burden of the carer in explicit withdrawing the provision of nourishment indicating debilitation of natural expression.
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