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Comedian Chris Rock performs a live stand-up special in Baltimore, Maryland.


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He's back

Sometimes the truth hurts - and sometimes it is funny.

Rock makes fun of it all. The most fun was phony victims - like the white males of January 6, 2021 rioting to "preserve their rights." He does it WITHOUT putting down ALL white males. Thats how you do it.

He takes a swipe at the Kardashians, Snoop, R. Kelley and MOST DESERVING, Megan Markle.

He does go a bit two far on some issues (abortion), but that was my taste. Overall Rock is back and brilliant like his $5,000 bullet days.

He definitely got a few swipes at the Smith family and demonstrates how they are a big mess and need to be slapping themselves.

Outrageously Good

I have ALWAYS loved Chris Rock! He is incredibly talented and has always been a comic I respect and admire. This was a powerful show. He was on point on what's happening in society today and addressed his worksite physical assault by a co-worker hilariously! His piece on LULULEMON and the British royals had me crying with laughter! The only bit I wasn't totally loving was the piece about his daughter....not as funny as he can be. To those saying he was mean.....comedy is about honesty and real life...not cuddles snowflakes..... he was assaulted, unprovoked, on the job by an out of control co-worker....he has the right to be angry...and good on him for using comedy instead of violence to deal with it!!! Love him ? ??

I found myself clapping home alone.

Chris hit the spot with this special. His neutrality on all hot political and life subjects was perfect. The way he normalized his family, feelings and life was refreshing. Lastly, he finally spoke on the Will Smith incident. He explained it exactly how anyone who watched the Oscars felt when it happened. Of course Will was in the wrong and this was exactly what Will deserved, and is the perfect comeback for his actions. Don't think the whole special will be about that incident because it is far from it. Chris is one of the best to do it and everyone should take the time and watch the special. I rate this a 9/10!
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