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95 min
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5.6 / 10 
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Directors: Collin Everett [Director] ,

Movie Description:
--- DRIVEN TO MURDER is a taut and timely suspense/thriller set in suburban Los Angeles revolving around a young woman's fight for survival after calling for a ride home unknowingly lands her in the back seat of a psychopathic killer's car.


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Great flick

Excellent performances by the cast, and a fun tight 90 minute thrill ride. It's well paced and never feels like it's dragging, and a there is a renewed sense of dread whenever a new character is introduced.

Driven To Entertain!!

Every Actor does an amazing job. Our leads Adam and Lucia maintain a brilliant performance throughout the entire film. It's an original psychological thriller with some unexpected twists and turns. I want a sequel!!!!

Quite THE RIDE!!!

Sarah called a rideshare to head home and gets a psychotic killer as her driver who is on a killing spree and he nearly kills her but she's very lucky to have survived! It is never explained why he targeted her, though. Still and all, one of the better Lifetime movies year in the THRILLER category, this year. Adam Blake was very convincing as Mr. Driver! Highly recommended but rather gory and violent!!!
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