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Paranormal investigator Steve Shippy broke the case seven years ago after more than 40 years of silence. What he found was a living nightmare that rivals horror films like "Amityville Horror" and "Poltergeist," but this house of hell is 100% real and just as terrifying. The story takes place in a farmhouse in the tiny village of Merrill, Michigan. From the summer of 1974 to the spring of 1975, the Pomeraning family endured relentless, bizarre and violent paranormal phenomena. There were knocking, explosions, disembodied voices, even spontaneous combustion that ripped apart the home and the family living inside of it. With dozens of hours of real-time audio recordings, hundreds of police reports and dozens of eyewitnesses, this case is arguably the most well-documented paranormal case in history. Yet to this day, no one knows why this family was ravaged by an unseen, evil force. Was it a poltergeist? Demonic possession? Witchcraft? Now Shippy, along with world-renowned psychic medium Cindy Kaza, armed with new evidence, will finally uncover the source of the evil that terrorized the Michigan Hell House.—Anonymous


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Can we get rid of the cheesy sound effects and spooky music?

Show would have been much better if they just did the investigation with dialogue and left all the sound effects out of it. Many times the only way you knew something had actually happened was if there was a subtitle pop up on screen and they reacted. We originally went back to listen but eventually quit. The material was interesting and the evidence intriguing but production let it down overall. Both investigators are familiar to fans of the genre and have been in some very good programs so i can't fault the cast.

Worth watching but it comes off more of a Hollywood horror story than actual documentary.


I really do love Cindy & Steve. In fact, this is my 4th attempt TONIGHT to write & actually POST a review (it keeps getting denied). I rarely post reviews at all..I might have 2 total on the internet. I've waited for WEEKS for this episode, and it was 60% past stories/evidence, 30% commercials (even after letting it play then rewinding, or trying to come back to the episode after having to pause), and 10% new investigation/cleansing. I wish more was done with the investigation with Cindy & Steve.. especially since 7 years was put into it... Hopefully they'll do more with different stories. Loved the Flight one!

Shippy slippy flippy dippy

Oh no. Here we go again! It's hugely unfamous "rapper" Prozak doing his "look, I have other, uh, talents too" bit by directing/starring in yet another "documentary" that exposes... uh, some stuff. Or something.

Sorry, but every year or two it seems that I get stuck watching one of these fecal fests. Absolutely base level skills involved. Expect zero intellectual discussion or any real dissecting of the evidence. Nope! "Prozak", as he insists upon being called, works in the exact opposite fashion than that of a, say, real documentarian: He's already made up his mind about this stuff and makes his little comedy film here under that exact set up.

Will he present "evidence" in a fair and balanced way that then allows the audience to make up their own minds? HA!! Nope! This is a film made for and by simpletons that haven't the faintest idea what "peer review" means.

You'll find more entertainment and "real" ghosts in a Shirley Jackson novel. Forget this!
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