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Action | Drama
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Korean 2.0  
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108 min
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6.1 / 10 
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Directors: Soon-rye Yim [Director] ,

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A Korean diplomat is dispatched to Afghanistan when a group of South Korean tourists is taken hostage by the Taliban. When all measures fail and one hostage is killed, he is forced to team up with a special agent to rescue the survivors.


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Well made hostage thriller

In 2006 a group of South Korean missionaries was taken hostage by the Taliban in Afghanistan. The very conservative moslim Taliban are no friends of anything other than their own belief, and as soon as they find out that the hostages are not volunteers, as they make them believe, they give the other side a hard time to get them released. It results in a complicated poker game of exchanges of hostages, prisoners and money. Hyun Bin is almost like a Korean James Bond involved in this action drama that contains a few very gripping scenes. Especially one pursuit is very well made. The whole story is well told down to every detail.

Fasinating and gripping hostage negotation

It's taken a while for this true story about the 2007 hostage crisis in Afghanistan to come to the screen but it was worth the wait. This movie isn't a non stop action thriller like Escape from Mogadishu. It deals realistically with the process of negotiation with the Taliban step by step with mistakes and all the back and forth dealings. This isn't boring - it's fascinating. The acting is fine. As the negotiator Hwang Jung Min is a superb actor totally convincing - check him out in Narco Saints. Hyun Bin looks sufficiently bronzed and bearded to play a Korean who has been there for a while and knows the ways of the country. Although he has one tense action sequence his character is not a superhero here and that's good. He screws up too. When it's a true story like this one you don't need unrealistic heroics. Need to understand missionaries were not welcome there because of the religious aspect but volunteers to help the people were.

Production is top notch with on location filming in Jordan and the hellish atmosphere of Afghanistan captured well. You can almost feel the heat and dust. The viewer is brought face to face with the Taliban and that's better than some of the Hollywood treatments of the subject which seem redacted and remote like Zero Dark 30. No torture here or focus on the killings. There is an overwhelming lesson here about not recklessly going into dangerous countries especially when warned. See all the trouble it caused.
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