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6.9 / 10 
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Directors: Charlie Minn [Director] ,

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Acclaimed director Charlie Minn brings attention to the victims of the infamous massacre that occurred on February 14th, 2018 at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School. A normal day at school became a true nightmare for Parkland, Florida citizens as they experienced something they had never thought would happen in their small suburb. In just six minutes, 17 students and staff were fatally shot and 17 more were wounded, while innumerable lives were changed forever. The true heroes of that day have come together to tell their stories and to bring words to those who are no longer here to offer them. This documentary reveals testimony and the raw emotions of those involved, highlighting the actions taken by individuals to save the lives of others through selfless and brave acts.


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Sorry but its way too soon and the trial wasn't even over when this was made & released

The trial was still going on and families mourning when this was being filmed and released for entertainment. This is not entertainment these are real lives that were ruined. I grew up 5 mins away from this school and had friends who went here. We are deeply effected by this and the who shall not be named is not even getting the death penalty. Please PLEASE consider our feelings and what we have been through before releasing a film for entertainment. I hope the proceeds go to the family's effected by this horrible event.

Its good to spread the word but this is so terrible.

Apparently my review is too short so here.

Never again

This is a documentary about the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that happened on Valentine's Day of 2018. It shows a more detailed timeline of what happened during those 6 minutes of horror in the school. Survivors also share their experience of the tragedy, and they also share what the victims were like when they were alive. Hearing their stories made me feel frightened and horrified. The silence at the end made me feel so sad or something, I don't know how to describe that feeling I felt during that silence.

However, I also noticed that the interviewer sounded kinda rude on some occasion. He should've been more sensitive when interviewing the survivors and parents/relatives of the victims. The editing could've been also better I think, but that's not really very important.


Agendas Abound

The director turned what could have been an important documentary into exploitation at its worst. The gut-wrenching questions to the families and the survivors were absolutely shameful. The 20/20 hindsight and finger pointing clearly show where the director wanted this tripe to go. If you enjoy suffering and the blame game, watch this one. If you don't, watch something else. This film is terrible in every sense.
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