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Directors: Ridley Scott [Director] ,

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Big budget account of Christopher Columbus' discovery of the Americas. Released in 1992 to celebrate the 500th anniversary of the discovery. Shows the disastrous effects the Europeans had on the original inhabitants, and Columbus' struggle to civilize the New World.


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Terrible movie.

This movie is filled with so many historical inaccuracies, its getting ridiculous already after 20 minutes of the movie. Everything from the "flat earth"-plot to turkeys in Europe. Its a disgrace. It portraits Colombus as some sort of hero who was nice to the natives. It was the other way around. This movie is beyond terrible.

Sunk by a leaden script

What this weak movie brought home to me was the importance of a good script. Two days previously I rewatched The Mission, a masterpiece about European contact with the indigenous people of the Americas. The Mission has wonderful actors, inspired cinematography and a classic score, but what enables them all to synergise is Robert Bolt's intelligent, sensitive and beautiful script. It fills the film with radiance. By contrast, the script for 1492 is unbelievably poor, pedestrian to the last degree. I wonder that Ridley Scott allowed himself to be saddled with it. OK, Depardieu's English is not great, but from the start you can see that this fine actor can do nothing with these lines. Nor can Weaver and the others. Funny really, because the script is surely the least costly item in the budget.

WOW....what a pile of crap!

Anyone who has a clue about history will cringe all the way through this movie. Kind of make Columbus look like a hero in the eyes of the Tainos.

I am happy to see the the movie grossed well below it's production cost...that should tell you what a spectacular joke this movie was. I might just watch it again to amuse myself...truly a bad movie. Aside from looking for familiar location shots, this movie left me amazed that for all the money spent, little was done in researching the history of the Taino encounters. In this country, we no longer have Columbus Day....it is now called the Day of Races.To honor such a man wreaks of ignorance.
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