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The story of Barry Minkow, a young charismatic business man who becomes a wealthy CEO by lying, cheating and stealing his way to the top.


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Good cast, except for Barry and this movie.

I remember growing up in admiring his being so young in running a company, then what it turned into, just another disappointment of someone who became a no good criminal and ruined other peoples lives as well. Barry was very smart but was so stupid and still is, as what he has a pattern of doing. The movie starts out good as the cast is top notch, but him being in it does not help as well as the movie serves no real purpose. I wonder if he will continue his pattern after his release, in not finally helping people instead of hurting them.

Well told story of the making of a Con Man

I found this story about the destiny of a young man who's fate would be that of a con man both interesting and fresh. Bruce's direction kept the twists and turns of the plot watchable and engaging.. Using the real Barry Minkow was a surprise as one would not have expected this .Although he is not an actor it gave the film a touch of realism to include him as part of the cast .Enjoy the ride in this well told film.

A Miracle This Film Made It to the Screen...

Just viewed this newly released film by Bruce Caulk. It's the true story about the life and times of Barry Minkow, a teenage fraudster who, in the mid-'80's, ripped-off Wall Street for million$ and then went to prison. It's a great study in ego, downfall, resurrection, and then, lessons unlearned, further downfall. A great cautionary tale worth watching. Upon his initial release from prison, Minkow becomes a very successful pastor for a large Christian church congregation in San Diego. The story develops from there. As an aside, it's a genuine miracle this film ever got released. The difficult multi-year production journey director Bruce Caulk had with Barry Minkow (and a host of other characters) should be made into a case study for film schools; the backstory of the making of Con Man is truly worthy of its own feature. If there was an Academy Award for Professional Courage and Perseverance in the face of insurmountable challenges beyond one's control, Con Man Director Bruce Caulk would win it hands-down. Bruce is a highly creative, on-time/on-budget, seriously committed director. There are some great scenes in this film. Pay attention to Mark Hamill's eyes and facial reactions... they're brilliant, as is Talia Shire's bathroom scene as Barry's concerned mother, and Armand Assante is very credible as a Mafia boss. The other veteran actors in the cast turn-in solid performances, as well. And Justin Baldoni absolutely captures the zeitgeist of Minkow as ZZZZ Best Carpet Cleaning's Founder and CEO. Bravo to Bruce Caulk, the cast, and the crew for finally getting Con Man out for release. For reasons that will become self-evident in the story, this film, essentially, had to be flipped on its head after it was originally "in the can." Enjoy the memorable ride...
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