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5.5 / 10 
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Directors: Raymond De Felitta [Director] ,

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After serving 17 years in prison for a violent mistake he made in his youth, a once-aspiring baseball player returns to his Bronx neighborhood.


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Delivers on a feel-good underdog hero story

Nobody's saying this movie is Spielberg or Forrest Gump, but Bottom of the 9th is charming and touching and it delivers in it's promises. It's a feel good hero Hollywood drama to a T. Not too too heavy on the cheesiness/unrealistic circumstances until the end and even then it's tolerable.

Iwas engaged all the way through and rooting for the characters. I imagine getting out of jail and finding a job and a new life is a good bit harder than portrayed in this movie but still the story sheds some light on the many challenges for folks in this position. It's hard to assimilate and feel valued.

Sounds like big sports fans were wanting to see more or something different in terms of the baseball? But i liked that it wasn't heavy on the stats and baseball jargon. Just enough to keep me interested.

Joe does a nice job - he's a strong understated lead. Handsome to look at and quiet like one would expect a person to be in his position. Would've like the director/writers to show us more background as to how the fiery young hot head we saw turned into the humble man coming out of jail.

Was pleased to see Sophia relax and do a decent job acting like a human instead of a Latina stereotype. Would've like to see a little more arc for both characters. Why would they value eachother now? They're different people now. Why do they want to be together?

Overall satisfying and warm.

Really Horrible

The reviews have been bad and its no wonder, the acting is horrible, the story is non-existant, just sucks, sorry.

If you need help sleeping this title would be great

Whoever told Sofia and Joe they could act are obviously kidding themselves or outright lying. The movie is about a man who goes to murder for an accidental death. After being paroled he returns to his old neighborhood and the story then falls into a bunch of cliches. To sum this up nothing in this movie is surprising as you can predict everything that will happen from him trying to help the young troubled kid to him getting his shot at redemption himself.If you are up late at night and can't sleep this movie will be for you. Better than any sleeping pill and guaranteed not addictive.
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