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Drama | Sci-Fi
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83 min
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6.3 / 10 
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Directors: Aleem Hossain [Director] ,

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After We Leave is a sci-fi drama about a man struggling to find his wife, who he abandoned six years ago, before their visa to immigrate to an off-world colony expires.


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Weird and sharp and unsettling

I watched this movie with my husband, mom, and dad! My husband and I loved it! It was so subtle and the touches that let you figure out this puzzle were swift moving and delightful. We decided we had to watch it again. My father on the other hand who needs a hearing aid but doesn't use one, was like, what's he say?! Half the time. My mom, understood it perfectly.

If you like figuring stuff out yourself and feeling the feeling of a character more than being spoon fed every detail like you're a dummy, you'll love it.

It's a smart movie for smarties.

Unique Story With Strong Direction

I really enjoyed this film. The story was fresh and interesting with a successful twist at the end. I thought the direction was really well executed, elevating key dramatic and comedic moments in the story equally well. The visual effects were incredible and added a perfect sprinkling of sci-fi spice to a wonderfully grounded story. My only note is there should be a part two.

Entertaining even for non Sci-Fi fans....

The film is Sci-Fi, which isn't my favorite genre, but I found the film to be refreshingly dramatic and suspenseful. The slow pace was consistent the entire time, which took some time getting used to in the beginning, but with complex plot lines and solid acting, it maintained my interest throughout. Overall, the film had very high production quality for a first feature. I'm excited to see what the filmmaker does next!
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