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Strange, unexplained events unfold at an old factory. Two security guards must come to terms with reality: Tiffany as a future mother, and Joey who is secretly in love with her. But someone has other plans for both as well as Tiffany's unborn child.


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Someone found an old warehouse and thought it could be a good place for a horror movie.

At the beggining I thought it could be a good movie even, but it was not. Actually the story is not so exciting at all, and not even making any sense yo be honest. Someone found an old warehouse and thought it could be a good place for a horror, then went home, ate too much dinner, then fell asleep, had a disturbing dream and the next morning quickly wrote something around it, mixing old horror stories. That is how these stories always born. But to be honest Stephen King was doing it much more better (even after some pretty lame movies they made from his books) I don't even know why I'm trying to find a good horror story or even a movie nowadays. They all used, and it seems these days anyone can make a movie, who have the money for it. I think the "movie factory" should be more picky about what they say yes for.

I wish this movie was "unborn"

The team that is responsible for giving birth to "The Unborn", do us and the public a big favor...abort all future movie projects, because making movies is not your trait. What we have here, is yet another one of those tiresome "is someone there?" films every time a character so much as hears a bang or a whistle. In this case, its children chiming in on a children's tune. Here, its a full grown adult who sings "Where Is Thumbkin" to herself. Look, I get it, your bored, you have a boring security job here protecting and observing absolutely nothing, but you have to learn to sing a tune by Blake Shelton or something, because if anything is creepy about this movie, its a full grown adult singing "Where Is Thumbkin". I was singing "Where Is Good Movie?", to be perfectly honest. So in this fly infested meal of a film, we have two aborted fetuses that are found in what seems like the basement of an abandoned warehouse, well, that's what I thought until the end, when objects are sent flying out a window of a multi floor high rise, and they're clearly up at least 20 or so floors. Oops, huh? Should have have some sunlight coming in through those windows, instead, The Unborn tries to scare you with dark scenes, scary intense music, and flickering lights. Look, I'm not ten anymore, if you're trying to make a scary movie, find another way to make it scary, this isn't the route! This is the same route about a grand and a half of other useless films went, and they all went nowhere, dead ends, get it? GET IT!? So, most of you viewers are just going to laugh and point at the stupidity. I don't know how much she got paid, but I don't care if it was $59.97 an hour, I wouldn't be sticking around after seeing the crap that goes on around there. I would have been OUT OF THERE! Quicker then you can say "Is someone there?" Yeah. There's someone there. There's another actor in the movie, you want to say hi to him. He really likes you. I mean, somebody has to, nobody else watching the film is going to, they're just going to think you're flat out annoying. Cheap story, cheap script, cheap effects, cheap acting, I think its safe to say the movie is cheap. How about some cheap three stars for your review?

C movie

The Unborn is a ghost/creature feature. The acting isn't bad, the set is dark, but also not too bad, but the story, it's bad! There is no plot, no reason why what had happened is happing again? The story has no point and no guts - pun intended! A little history or back story could've helped this film greatly. Also the ending was way too predictable! All and all I've seen a lot worse, but that still doesn't help this movie in any way.
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