Reviews for The Unholy ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.2 / 10

Great for a horror movie lover

Who cares, i love this movie. Its entertaining. I think Jeff is good in playing the leading role.

Nice Movie

I really do not understand why people drops a negative review on something they cant practically do. I personally enjoyed the movie and there is really a lesson to learn. Thank you.

Decent movie

One time watch , if you like horror movies , it's decent. I enjoyed it.

This was actually A decent movie. Don't believe the negative reveiws

As I said, It's not something completely mind blowing, but it is really a decent flick. I am sick of these religious nuts swarming every horror movie with bad ratings. The story was good. It was an acceptable movie.

Christians should watch this.....

While typical scary movie on sci fi or thriller channel bad. Amazingly surprised at it's truth for being a secular movie.

It single handily destroyed the blasphemous catholic religion and it's so called shrines and miracles of Mary.

People worship the created Mary over the creator God.

Excellent message behind the movie

Must watch for all believers, especially Christians.

Jeffery Dean Morgan Chose This Film For A Reason

Without spoilers. I'm not in the habit of making reviews especially long drawn out ones. Unlike your usual jump scares and what's going on and befuddling it gets straight to the story. A underpaid journalist who used to make up stories that sell he now is doing stupid assignments for stupid money like $150 bucks after getting sacked for old antics. He's broke he's desperate, and Is told to look at some tedious case, he tries his old antics by making it into a story only this time he doesn't have to make anything up as he realises. It's faced paced. I love the interaction with him and the young girl, it's them who make the movie shine. It's not making your head explode with long drawn out moments. It gets into the heat of the story from the get go. It has everything for everyone even if you aren't a horror enthusiast but someone has made you watch it with them. It's original and that's why I see why JDM chose this as his next film project. Please don't listen to the bad reviews with a decent actor playing lead and the leading young lady whom they share a great connection in this it just makes you want to watch it more. Decide for yourself.

I'm 30 mins in and I'm gripped and usually I turn off about then as some horrors are bad dialogue etc.

Horror movies are always going to have bad ratings & reviews as they aren't real or realistic but that's why people watch them which is what these bad reviewers forget. It's a lot easier to be negative in this world then positive especially behind a keyboard. I've made a bad review don't get me wrong but it's not often I review anyway & it's only when I need to give a bad review.

I'm going to review every movie I watch from now on if time. It won't be long but it might help get good films seen. It's why I always rate the movie once I've saw it, so it helps the rates but reviews are what makes a film be watched. I encourage you to do the same even if it's a few lines especially if you liked it but there's to many bad reviews. It will help some poor soul have faith into watching it.

A TIP BELOW THAT HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH THIS MOVIE, IT ALSO GETS YOU MORE INVOLVED WITH IMDB, it will also help IMDb to recommend you with films your interested in.

I also create lists, movies that I've watched, movies to avoid, shows I've seen, my fav shows etc. I do this as well cos boy I watch a lot of films/shows and due to that I forget what I've watched. So now after watching a film I add it to my list of watched. If you don't already do this I'd advise you to start to as I'm sure you've sat down to watch a movie at one point only to realise you've watched it before. Also always give movies 15-20 mins to see if it's your style. Some movies get better as they go along but that's just a select few films that do this.

Likable leads, creepy ambience and an interesting story

"Wherever God goes, the unholy follows."


The first half is superb, the second part wobbles to find direction but overall an entertaining film for horror film fans. If you liked the first half of the film check out Evil (2019- ), if you liked the second half of the film checkout Messiah (2020).

This is a story of, Gerry Fenn, a disgraced journalist looking to restore his place in the industry. By sheer luck he finds the story of the century, a deaf-mute girl Alice miraculously recovers in front of his eyes. As Gerry pushes the story of miracle to the world he senses something sinister might be lurking behind the shadows.

The Unholy is a merging of two different films. One tells a horror story another is a mix of different ideas that did not work out very well.

Now I loved the first half, it had all the element of a great horror film. Creepy atmosphere, great acting, fitting soundtrack and some effective jump-scare.

It would have been a great film if it continued in the same direction but the second half took a different direction. It focused on discussion on faith vs. Doubt, god vs. Devil. I found it a bit like the Messiah (2020). The production value dropped a bit in the second half as well.

Over all this is an entertaining film that deserves higher rating than the current... Even though the film has its high and low, it is a must watch for the horror fans. The acting, cinematography and the idea behind the film is solid. The design of Mary worked for the most part. I found it unique and the dialogues were surprisingly mature. I enjoyed it.

Great acting, mood, visually beautiful

Good plot, acting was superb, special effects could have been better. Entertaining, engrossing and fairly well done horror. Critics hate it because well, they are pretty much soulless people. These are the same critics who raved about Cuties, don't forget.

Miracles liars

A clever method for showing how many charlatans and liars claim to perform miracles and which stopped with the last of the prophets.

Decent waste of time

This movie was decent if you dont have expectations. I have stopped having expectations with "scary movies" just shut up and enjoy the slight ride.

its a faint echo...

Of religious catholic horror from the late 70's and 80's, just a cheesy try, where the elements of fear does work, and follows the film ''omen I'''s footsteps. For a vast new generation that has grown up with stupid kids on the cabin trips, and halloweenique scream factoricing thematics, where the loonies and serial killers are the carrier of evil, this film brings forward the holy shrines of christianity, namely the holy mother of jesus, mary. There hasnt been made great titles over the trinity lately so it may start a new wave of its kind.

I do think this film has a cold driving down thy spine if youll let it, the acting is what the direction and screenplay allows, some of the cataclysmic effects in the final sequence though gives a cheesy smell of budget limitations, and the flame-bouyant visual effects, and the hissing and clicking sound effects lacks originality. Scarejumps youll get, and the feel of icecold uncertainty will challenge even the biggest disbeievers on the skid row to hell.

So my recommendation must be to have a try, i think youll catch the bait at some point, the premisses are all there, its just not used brilliantly enough thinks the grumpy old man. Doupt is the keyword to the film, dont let that scare you away from a view into the realms of religious spiritology.

Very good horror movie!

I am fan of "Negan" on "The Walking Dead", so I am usually alert when Jeffrey Dean Morgan appears in other stuff and I am truly glad of having watched this film since I enjoyed it a lot. The whole thing about an evil spirit is pretending to be Holy Mary is an excellent premise that I think it's well developed. The cast do a good job. Maybe some effect could be done in practical ways instead of CGI but it's still fair enough and it works. I recommend it a lot.

Unholier than thou...

You know when your friend sets you up with a blind date...he tells you that she looks like Sandra Bullock...but when she arrives at the bar, she looks more like Sandra Bernhard - thats this film!

I had such high expectations...but it was absolute dross!

Slow, dull, grating, non-sensical at times, cheap looking, poor CGI...all topped of with 'jump scares' that would make a toddler giggle!

One of the worst films I've watched so far, this year.

why somany fake rev's

For such a low level film. Tho scene with matches and cross is hilarious.

This movie was dumb

You would have to be a pre-teen to enjoy this movie.

Thanks Sony Pictures For This TRASH

If you are looking to snore your way through a movie, this should do the trick.

Pretty boring

If you like a good horror movie, don't watch this.

If you are easily entertained, then you might find this ok.

Lmfao this is the biggest joke I've ever seen ??

What in the Holly hell were they thinking Making this HORRIBLE JOKE OF A FILM! OLD NEGAN MUST BE DESPERATE FOR CASH ??

Dean Morgan is better than this.

I don't understand how such average horror movies are made.

I mean i'm pretty forgiving when it comes to horror movies in the first place, you throw in some good Vs evil demonic activity and I'm usually satisfied.

This was so generic though, it's a non starter.