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IMDB: 7.5 / 10

Now THIS is a great western!!!!!

Great acting, great storyline, great cinematography, great plot twist at the end. This is the type of movie that makes westerns a part of our hearts forever in America.

It's was worth 2 dollars, not 5

The actor who plays Henry is fabulous and worth the watch. Everything else is predictable and rather boring. I have no idea why viewers are giving this a 9 or 10. Unforgiven is a 9 or 10.

Don't pay 5 bucks for it.

A good western is hard to find these days but this is one.

Westerns look like a dying breed. Only every now and then you get another western so it's waiting for a good one. Old Henry is one of those. Not very fast paced but certainly worth watching. No huge names either, although Tim Blake Nelson was perfect to play his character. The cinematography was good, the acting was more than good, and the story has a little twist that was clever. Definitely worth your time if you like westerns.

Great Western

Tim Blake Nelson is Old Henry, a seemingly simple farmer who lives with his teenage son on a farm in turn of the century Oklahoma. He rescues a wounded man with a satchel and eventually must make choices in order to protect himself and his son. An all male cast is unusual in the modern era and they are all excellent. The story is has twists and turns which are based on historical people. The scenery is beautiful and Nelson should earn an Oscar nomination.

Really dumb western

Okay, so movies about old people who are living a quiet life but turn out to be real badasses are trendy now. Old Henry is one of these.

A farmer with a shady past is confronted by bank robbers who are tracking someone. There is a lot of pointless talking, a short and stupid gunfight, and a plot twist that you knew was coming because it is a movie.

Don't waste your time with this movie. Don't even bother forwarding to the gun fight.

Perfect portion.

Can't really find anything bad in here. For a quick ''to the point'' kinda movie, this one is already good. Feel bit to fast but thats fine for me.

All the cast were doing almost a great performance.

The story was quick and solid.

"The world is changing, you go and see it"

Gavin Lewis ; New Man in the Town

Probably the best work in a very long time when it comes to westerns.

Stephen Dorff and Tim Blake Nelson are great actors and have done a great job.

The young actor Gavin Lewis, known for the terrible series 'Prince of Peoria' broadcast on Netflix, did a very successful acting against two such powerful actors.

He might even win an award with this movie.

The director-screenwriter, producers, cinematographer and composer of the film have not had big jobs before.

Together they made a great movie.

sure but meh

A well made film with a decent enough story. But overall wasn't that impressed. Maybe also because the whole retired veteran trope is maybe a little overdone in this film climate. But in the 3rd act it felt more like fanservice than genuine suspence. All in all, good but not great.

6/10: sure.

A small classic reminiscent of Unforgiven. Good viewing.

Film westerns are sometimes like the dime novels that so frequently supported the tall tales therein-minimalist and fabulous. However, now and then an authentic and harrowing story like Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven rides in and changes things. I also characterize Old Henry, an Amazon original starring Tim Blake Nelson in the title role, of striking out for new fictional territory, although having a whiff of Unforgiven in the telling.

Henry (Nelson) is a farmer seemingly hiding out for no reason known to anyone, certainly not his teen son, Wyatt (Gavin Lewis), who nonetheless suspects dad may be more than a simple farmer.

As writer/director Potsy Ponciroli incrementally distributes Henry's back story, the film becomes not only thrilling with possibilities but also a decidedly trenchant commentary on the outcomes of choices early in life that refuse to go away no matter how we try to escape them.

Who to trust? That's a whole other topic of this minor classic.

Enter the stranger who changes things, Curry (Scott Haze), wounded and taken in by Henry, only to be followed by a gang of desperados wanting their stolen money back from Curry. The banter between Henry and lead bad boy Ketchum (Stephen Dorff) is the stuff of terse, pulpy, and sardonic inuendo, like the opening of Tarantino's Inglourious Bastards, with Christof Waltz doing veiled threatening over a glass of milk. Ponciroli shows a dialogue talent that suggests much more than it says.

Besides dialogue, this oater has the requisite satchel of cash to move the story, which eschews the Chaucerian greed motif (think The Pardoner's Tale) to get to the heart of the matter-a dad meeting a son on common ground for survival-and the quick surrender of dad Henry's dictatorship to allow son Wyatt to grow into a heroic equal.

The landscape is stark, the cabin is spare, and yet there is depth of history for dad and care for Wyatt. The bad guys, bound for a reckoning with a hidden force in Henry, are the typical western villains who embody the ambivalence of the wide-open territory (they aren't really lawmen bringing justice to the frontier), fraught with danger but a promise of a new life redeemed from violence but not after violence has a hand. As in Eastwood, combating an evil past and setting the record straight requires heroism of a small but symbolically significant consequence for these little lives on the Western plains.

Henry is a player of consequence, a part of history told in one of the cleverest reveals ever. Old Henry is a small adventure that means more than it appears. On Prime.


A Billy the Kid westen rendition good enough to hold your attention but absolutely nothing to write home about. I like way the son stepped up in the end. Watchable....once.

Nicely made

Well-written western, with an excellent central performance from Tim Blake Nelson as a farmer with more to him than meets the eye. Nelson is given top-flight support from Scott Haze and Stephen Dorff. I'm not so sure about the choice of Gavin Lewis, who plays Nelson's teenage son; he's less well cast, and feels urban in a way that the other actors in the cast don't.

It is a boy's night out, no question -- there aren't any female characters at all. Still, it's a nicely-made movie, carefully paced, with a tumultuous last reel.

Finally a good western with an amazeballs showdown.

Generous with a 10 cos i enjoyed this movie. Simple, ain't no wannabe critic.

In fact apart from being an enjoyable movie for genre fans like me, this one has top notch cinematography, first class actors and a simple yet engrossing screenplay.

Tim Blake Nelson's posture, body movements, his worn out face n eyes fits the character n the revelation perfectly.

Better than expected.

As the title this was much better than I expected. I didn't know much about the film other than Old Henry was a farmer and had to defend his homestead against a posse.

Its a bit slow after the start but come to life late on. I eneded up kicking myself as even though it was clear the farmer was no ordinary farmer and I knew the name Henry McCarty I never made the connection initially until the final confrontation.

A fitting tribute to the kid.

Nice idea, great acting, but did not nail it

This is pretty good. The acting is phenomenal with Tim Blake performing above Oscars. The scenery and filming is top. Sound design excellent. And the story idea is great.

Sadly they did not manage to nail it. There are a few nitpicks but I will leave that aside for my three main objections. The first being the annoying son. I kept thinking he must be a spoiled brat from our current era thinking everything should be handed to him and hard work is so in the past. Such a Millennial crybaby and should probably not have been in the movie. I do not blame the actor though, he is doing what he should and performing great, it is the writing and directing that ruin his character. The second objection being the ending. And my third, and main objection, is that the main idea of the movie, the actual premiss (which I cannot tell without spoilers), and the big twist is so fantastic that it did not work in the context of this movie. This movie is simply not good enough and written well enough to win with that premiss. You know what I mean when you see it and watch until the end.

With that said I still give this movie a 7/10. This is surprisingly good and this is well done. This is gritty, realistic enough to sell the movie, and the idea is great. Despite the grey musky environment with basically only 4 set of sets, this has a great production value and the acting cannot be praised enough. I really recommend this and you should see. I wish they'd nailed the issues I mention above and perhaps gone a slightly different route, if so this would have been stunningly amazing.

waste of time

I am sorry, but its a bad movie in every possible way. Poor script, poor dialog, average acting. I can't find anything good in it. Bunch of cliches and contradictions. And the reveal on the character nobody was invested in....

At last a great Western!

Very watchable and well told story. Great characters, great action, great all round film.

Gritty and tough. Violent.

If you like action movies with a great story, this is your film....

No Comment

Other than a true rating and a long stretched out talking story, with some shooting at the end, not much else to say. The film had some merit but it is not a true western. I leave it up to other reviewers to give their truthful opinion, as I found it inadequate.

Western John Wick

Good movie.... They really tried with the accents with a wonderful location and setting. Story was a bit slow with some pretty bad stunts but the movie was good enough to watch.

Very enjoyable, a good film and better than fair western

Is it a 10/10 as some are saying? NO. Is it below 5/10? Definitely not, it is a well above average film. The acting, score, cinematography are all very good, the script itself is also decent for its limitations, the only downside for me is that once you recognize a name it's pretty obvious the way it's going.

However, this film had no clear press as I am aware of but, it deserves it compared to some of the rubbish that has recently been released. Is it the standard of Unforgiven or Open Range no, but it is a solid movie.

..just not much of a film

It pains me to do this, but i've just watched Old Henry and i thought it was really mediocre.

Tim Blake Nelson has had some great roles in his life, and he certainly tries to delvier his lines with conviction, but he doesn't have the presence to fit the role, nothing like, say, a Clint Eastwood of yore.

The story is *extremely* semplistic and while there are a couple of nice reveals, they come in far too late to do much.

The actor that plays the kid is extremely annoying, and his cringeworthy dialogue (which is supposed to be the main theme of the film) is horrible and completely out of tone with everyone else's.

Not a single memorable scene in the entire film.

The bad guy was extremely average, and there's a whole bunch of absolute nobodies that just fill time in their role as faceless goons.

Photography, production, camerawork, all between meh and bleah. I suppose there was a soundtrack there but it wasn't worthy of any attention.

All in all a mediocre film worse than the already mediocre Buster Scruggs. I could say more, but would need to spoil literally the entire film for you.

My vote: barely 6/10.