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IMDB: 4.9 / 10

A bland attempt at a thriller...

When I sat down to watch this 2018 thriller titled "Killer in Law", I must admit that I wasn't really harboring much of any great expectations. Why? Well, given the movie's synopsis, then it just sounded like yet another run of the mill made for TV thrillers.

But still, I opted to sit down and watch director Danny J. Boyle's 2018 thriller.

And while "Killer in Law" is watchable, it just happened that writers Nick Barzini and Danny J. Boyle managed to fall in to a very generic runt of writing, so "Killer in Law" turned out to be exactly what I had believed it to be; a run-of-the-mill-and-a-dime-a-dozen type of thriller. So yeah, don't expect to be in for a grand thriller experience here, as it was pretty straight forward and generic.

The acting performances in "Killer in Law" were adequate, though it was clear to see that the script, dialogue and character gallery was holding the actresses and actors back somewhat.

"Killer in Law" is the type of thriller where you know the outcome of the movie from the very beginning, and director Danny J. Boyle does not throw you any curve balls along the way, nor does he deviate from the very structured narrative. And that made for a somewhat bland and generic thriller.

My rating of "Killer in Law" lands on a bland and less than mediocre four out of ten stars. If you enjoy thrillers, then there are far better options readily available out there.

Straightforward TV movie, though fun in its way

There is one thing to know right away about 'Killer in law,' or as it's also known, 'Killer grandma': Nana Visitor is an absolute delight. It doesn't matter the role or the nature of the feature she's in; Visitor has an irresistible, joyful charm about her that's altogether entrancing. And whether in her primary recurring part in 'Star Trek: Deep Space 9' as Kira Nerys, or in other movies and series over the years, she's also very well demonstrated great range, dexterity, and otherwise skill. She enhances any character beyond whatever is written for her, and so long as Visitor is on our screen, our entertainment is guaranteed.

I'm not sure I can say the same for the rest of the film. But we'll get back to that shortly.

This isn't just any TV movie - it's a Lifetime original movie, and that tag carries particular connotations and liabilities. Unsurprisingly, the writing is extremely direct; we've barely met any of the characters before very conspicuous scenes begin to proliferate. The course of events is very predictable for anyone that's ever watched a similar feature, as are character tropes.

Characters lack any semblance of critical thinking, seemingly ignorant of everything going on around them. Protagonist Melissa, her husband, and their friends are clueless at all points, and magically incapable of defending themselves. Antagonist Yvonne - "Grandma" - is shrewd and calculating, yet for all her supposed knowledge and careful planning, misses the obvious. Dialogue is unquestionably ham-handed - at turns pointedly alarming, cutesy, tragic, dire, overwrought with sentiment, or helplessly vague - but always blunt. There are still other points where the dialogue is filled with such uninspired repetition that it feels like something an eight-year old may have written for a creative writing assignment.

As if to illustrate just how haphazard and unsubtle this film is in its construction: we get flashbacks to young Yvonne, played by Jodi Lyn Thomas, and she bears a passing likeness to Visitor in scenes of her interacting with her daughter. But then we also see Yvonne (Visitor), in the "present day," examining a photo of her with her daughter, and instead of Thomas, it's Visitor in the image.

This is all bad news for 'Killer in law,' and to be sure, there's a lot of it. Yet there's an important point to consider in that it never has any illusions about being something it's not. This is a schlocky, forthright, low-grade thriller, as we anticipate from Lifetime - and in that slant, it is to drama as a B-movie is to horror. There is fun to be had here, if you're willing to accept the feature on its level.

The scenario is one that we can unfortunately easily imagine playing out under dire circumstances in real life. But the way it's written here is so plain and bereft of nuance that it's difficult to imagine there was any intent of truly imparting dramatic urgency. It's so over the top that it's entertaining in the manner of nearly being a comedy, and I have no doubt in my mind that the cast had a great time making this and realizing their outrageously thin characters, and the ham-fisted plot. That goes most of all for Visitor, of course, whose role is so exaggerated and beyond sense in single-minded purpose that she's able to exercise all her experience and skill toward leaning into making this nana as nefarious as possible. It's a blessing that she essentially has just as much time on screen as everyone else combined.

Now, look. Recognizing Lifetime's reputation, I don't expect anyone to enjoy this outright, no matter the perspective. There's no reason to give consideration to a title like 'Killer in law,' so simple and uncomplicated, when there's much more content available that's just as if not more deserving. And it takes a very particular and open-minded approach to film appreciation to be able to actively engage with any such feature, and acknowledge both its flaws and its strengths.

Yet to see such a film for what it is allows us to entreat with it regardless of preconceptions. And with that in mind - however pressingly tactless and unrefined it may broadly be, there's a fair amount of amusement to be had here. If you know where it comes from, then you already have a good idea of whether or not 'Killer in law' is a movie that could possibly find your favor. And if any of this sounds like something you can get on board with - just sit back and enjoy the show.

Recommended especially for fans of Nana Visitor, naturally.

Grandma is weird

The acting was awful and the plot was so stupid and cringe it also pissed me off how nobody could fight off some 70 year old grandma with a knife but it was so bad it was kinda good so that's why it's a 2/10 and not a 1/10.

Very good " predictable" movie

I feel people who gave an extremely low rating and bad - or even nasty - critics were much too harsh.

The actors are good. The little family is engaging and Granny is deeply troubled and scary. Yes, the course of action is predictable, but it it unrolls the eay it should and the little girl is totally natural and REALLY good.

Grandma is beautiful, believable as creepy crazy woman in total denial of her irresponsability causing her daughter's death.

All the kids are good and believable, as well as the protagonist's friends. I must day that if I had relied on the bad ratings and skipped watching that movie, I would have missed a good time.

This is a movie to watch on a day when you want to relax and not rack your brains to follow a complicated plot with lots of twists and turns and intricate plot.

Perfect Friday night end-of-the-week movie to watch eating Cheetos with cola while vedging on the couch!??

Nice way to make strong characters look weak !

This grandma was so much stronger than the young lady are you kidding me ! She was so strong no one could touch her ! Extremely poor acting , just wow ! Seriously ! Every single time I hope the people that are getting killed off are getting paid well !

The irony is the only interesting thing.

Okay, this movie is bad - real bad. But the ironic thing is that the actress who plays the visiting Grandma is actually named Nana Visitor.

Besides that, this is typical LMN pablum that is predictable and mundane.

I very much enjoyed


I very much enjoyed this film. It is somewhat predictable and is held back by the content rating, but I was engaged thoroughly all the way through. If this had been allowed to add some true horror aspects it would've been great.

All that is intriguing is to do with Nana Visitor's performance, which is excellent - she is exceedingly creepy as Yvonne. Kelly Sullivan plays her part as Melissa nicely, too. All the support cast are above average.

'Killer In-Law'/'Killer Grandma' excelled my expectations, it's constructed in a neat and smooth fashion so kept me interested even when it was obvious what was coming up. A good watch.

Lost count how many time the word Grandma was used

Who is this world has ever called their mother-in-law 'Grandma', Melissa even refers to her as 'Grandma' when talking about her to her husband. Maybe the women's name WAS Grandma!

Poor acting and predictable script but still watchable. Not sure how old the girl Annie, was but the parents referred to each other as 'mum' and 'dad', and they treated her as though she were a toddler.

On to scary killer Grandma. I'm not sure if they did something to the actresses face to make her look odd and scarier, but it sure worked.

It's hilarious, two friends found dead, Mellisa nearly run over by 'Grandma', Grandma buys a dress for Annie that make her look like the girl from the film Orphan... and still they keep her on in their house. They say, they 'need a little space' - have you seen the size of the house? Hilarious and the story has been done many times. NB: were the kids all inhaling helium????

"Funniest" Cheesy Movie Yet!

Seriously so bad it's hilarious. Why am I a struggling content writer instead of a screenplay writer? Apparently, one doesn't need any talent whatsoever. The plot holes are glaring! No one - from the producer to the director to the actors and everyone else in between didn't notice this? I can only imagine the people who left ridiculous 8 and 9-star reviews have a vested interest in this monstrosity.

Could be Better

It wasn't that bad of a movie. but there were a couple of plot moments that obviously didn't make sense. It funny at the end how both the mother and mother-in-law seem to have been trained by the green beret. Glad to see they have moved on to different type killers now. Stalkers, nannies, ex girlfriends, ex boyfriends, and so on were becoming too cliche. I would like to see them get away from the family setting and try something different. IE murder mystery at a magic club or a carnival.

Scariest part of the movie - The Acting

Honestly not even worth my time, but I can't remember seeing something this bad that made me this upset afterwards. Horrific writing, terrible acting, and an overall wretched experience. No saving grace in this film. The dialogue sounds like it was written 3 days before they shot the film... which also looks like it was done in one day. Filled with exposition and horrible plot holes, the only thing this movie killed is my appetite.

Go grandma!

This week's wacko is an insane woman who lost her young daughter and went mad. Years later she wants her grand daughter for herself. She reconnects with her estranged son and starts to help look after her grand daughter. Her clueless daughter in law is occupied with starting her business and is grateful for the assistance.

The actress Nana Visitor who plays grandma is pretty good and one efficient killer. Great idea having older lady psychos. Brings to mind Bette Davis and Joan Crawford in those 60s horror movies.

The house is pretty by the way.

Worth a watch.