Reviews for Candyman ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.3 / 10

Entertaining but all seen before.

For Halloween yesterday I watched this new Candyman and Halloween Kills. Both movies have been done repeatedly and to be honest at one point enough should be enough. Candyman wasn't bad though but it's nothing like the first movie when it was all a surprise. I like Jordan Peele as a comedian but also as a writer, he has a vivid imagination and this shows in this movie. The acting wasn't bad, the story déjà-vu. Candyman isn't bad if you want just a bit of horror without surprises but I hope this one will finally be the last one.

Carefully prepared good sequel

First of all, I loved the movie. Acting was good. He was good in the script. The ending was a bit quick, but I liked the ending too. Actually, it was a better movie than I expected. Carefully prepared. The movie is a good sequel. There was only one thing I didn't like in the movie, the police scene at the end. It's obvious why this scene was shot. I don't think it was necessary, or it could have been drawn in another way, but it was drawn like revenge. This is my personal opinion, it was not necessary. In general, congratulations to everyone, the movie turned out to be very good.


PS : There was no jumpscare, congratulations and thank you.

Do not say it...

"Candyman" is a Thriller - Horror movie and the sequel of "Cnadyman" of 1992, in which we watch an artist moving into an apartment with his girlfriend in Cabrini. They find out about the story of the area and the legend and the history behind Candyman.

I enjoyed this movie and since I had already watched the first movie, I had high expectations from this one and I was not disappointed at all. The story was very interesting, it connected very well with the first movie and also the history behind Candyman was presented in a very good way that was easily understandable. The direction which was made by Nia DaCosta was good and she did an excellent job on how she connected the previous movie and the past with the present day. The interpretations of Yahya Abdul-Mateen II who played as Anthony McCoy, Teyonah Parris who played as Brianna Cartwright and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett who played as Troy Cartwright were very good and their combination worked well. To sum up, I have to say that "Candyman" is a nice, interesting movie that you will enjoy it even if you have already watched the first movie so, I recommend you to watch it.

a lot of the slashing is off-camera

Who doesn't know the original Candyman, cult classic. Always tricky to reboot things like that. I know already that a lot of reboots were total crap only one was top notch, The Evil Dead.

And so here we are with Candyman. The story is supernatural for sure so it's normal that not everybody will like this but the story itself is okay but sadly when the candyman do appears mostly of his revenge is done off-camera and that I can't take from a horror.

Acting is okay and effects used are okay, even the score has something eery. But not giving away the hook going into the flesh is a mistake. The first killing was welldone and I thought, if this is the way this one is going it will be okay. But it wasn't.

To be honest, it didn't bored me but i was left without some candy.

Gore 1/5Nudity 0/5Effects 2/5Story 2,5/5Comedy 0/5.

Ridiculous story, cheap and cheesy special "horror" effects and way below average acting

Amateur night.

The bad: this movie looks cheaply made and is cheap. Way below average acting performances, silly story, even sillier special effects, mediocre photography.

Simply no thrill whatsoever.

Not any good? I honestly cant think of any. It's not laughably bad, but it comes close....


I'm rly not sure why this film is so underrated. For me, it's way better than Don't breathe2 or Malignant.

not what you expected

Dacosta as a director has mad skills and a great career ahead. The story is nothing like you would expect, which is both good and bad. Good because film students will see here a brilliant deconstruction of the traditional horror arc, much like Whedon did with Cabin in the Woods. Bad because, having gone to such trouble, and even with all those mad skills, the end result is simply not very entertaining.

Clever Connective Tissue

I'm a fan of the original and I was intrigued to see this reboot, remake, re-imagining.

I thought it was very clever to build on and incorporate the history of the first film whilst making a new story.

A good fun film that builds on the canon of Candyman :)

Abysmall... Candyman takes the background seat to political propaganda

Is this really what movies are coming to... We watch movies to be entertainig, uplifted or perhaps even make us contemplate on something. This is nothing of that. It is not horror. It is not entertaining. It is another misguided and fabricated attempt, which Is unfortunate becaues Peele is talented, of propaganda. But last few films of this directors have all been in this direction. The title of the story is misleading and facade. This is plain one sided, fabricated truths, divisive instead of trying to portray a chance of unity. Just endless victimization and no responsibility taken for anything.


love the visual styles

In Chicago, artist Anthony McCoy and his girlfriend Brianna Cartwright are hosting a dinner for her brother Troy and his boyfriend. Anthony is looking for new inspiration. Troy recounts the story of Cabrini-Green and a bastardized urban legend of Helen Lyle, the woman in the original 1992 movie.

Jordan Peele is doing more writing and producing. I really love the visual look. I love the shadow puppetry, the cold brutal cityscape, and the use of mirrored surfaces. Around the midpoint, I noticed that there is a lack of overtly scary scenes. It has the imagery but I'm not scared. I realized that the protagonist is a muscular black man. In a horror, the vulnerability of the protagonist is directly proportional to the fear generated. For a young black man, he's most vulnerable with the police or in a KKK clan meeting. This movie probably needs the protagonist to be a young vulnerable female victim. This could be a father daughter movie with Anthony being the father figure. While Anthony is always in danger, it's not the type of danger that generates real intensity. That's really the only missing element. The protagonist needs more vulnerability.

What a hateful and resentful little movie

Well, this got to be the most disgusting movie I see this year. Not because it is scary as a horror movie, but because its determined attempts to tear the society even further apart. More than an actual horror element, Candyman here represents itself as some sort of a patron saint for the oppressed black people. This mainly seems to works as a perverse therapy exercise for its makers - to let their repressed hate (towards white people) flow freely as Candyman wrecks havoc among white folk.

While patching this together, I bet that Nia DaCosta and Jordan Peele felt the same kind of bloodlust as I when seeing Charles Bronson, Steven Seagal or Liam Neeson raining hell upon rapists, murderers, kidnappers and other scum of the earth. Even if one could ignore the obvious political message here, it still isn't a very good movie. I do give it some extra credit though for being this in your face, without even trying to hide its malicious intent behind hidden meanings and other shenanigans.

Total rubbish

Candyman goes woke. Dont bother wasting your time.

Worst Film of 2021

Hands down the worst film of 2021. Not faithful to the original & self indulgent towards the art community. Not scary and too political to even be interested. A police violence political stance with CandyMan as the title. Stay away at all costs.

Too on the nose with it's message

First of all, let me make it clear... I don't mind when films contain political/social messages, as long as it's done in a subtle way that induces the audience to think for themselves.

This movie is way too literal in it's message. It basically scrubs you in the face, and force feed you with it's subject matter. It's too on the nose.

How is that? You might ask... as one small example, all of the caucasian characters are portrayed as bad/evil individuals. Literally, every single one of them. The film relies in an obvious way in how to deliver it's message, it almost looks like a joke.

And another thing is... even judging it by horror movie standards, this film is extremely boring. Every single death scene is shown off screen (or from an extreme far distance) you have no idea what's happening. You just see blood dripping on the floor. I get the idea of how "what you can't see is what scares you", but there's a certain balance of how much you SHOULD show on screen. You can't just cut every death scene and tell the audience to just "imagine" it. With a little few more cuts, this film could easily get a PG-13 rating.

Story wise the film also gets confusing and jumbled. There's a twist, but you don't know the motive or how exactly things went that way. It just happens and characters are just there.

This film was extremely disappointing to me, especially considering how much it could have been.

White bad, cops pigs, black good

A "horror" movie ruined by heavy politics and woke pandering.

With So much attention spent on political messages they forgot to add the horror.

Don't waste your time with this.


It's incredibly telling how doctored up and controlled the media is these days. Look at everyone's reaction and tell me how this has glaringly positive reviews. Our society is a joke! This movie is a perfect microcosm of everything wrong with cinema..


Thinking to be in for a good movie evening after seeing such high metacritic scores, but no way... At not one moment this movie can grab your attention, there is absolutely nothing good about this movie, storyline, nor actors. Explaining the high scores by metacritics, is probably due to white bashing. The new hot item nowadays, praise the Lord!!!

Terrible "wokefest"

White people bad, Police Officers bad, Black people good. If that fits your narrative for entertaining, this movie is for you. Complete garbage.


I'm an asian though but looool im so done with this POLITICAL AGENDA that they keep pushing down on our throat. What's wrong with these ffs?

Political agenda movie, no terror, no suspense.

Political phrases repeating over and over again, focusing the script only to meet the political demands of the industry. Zero emotion, zero suspense, 1992's Candyman is far more enjoyable. Poor story that relies only on political messages rather than foundational stories from a thriller.