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Laugh out loud funny

This one is good. Last year, "The Farmer's Llamas" was just full on chaos and destruction that eclipsed the humour. The llamas were downright nasty. It dragged on. They got it right this time. The story is way better. Poignant even in its depiction of love of technology over real love. And yes, that snowman moment...bravo! So good. Definitely worth watching no matter how old you are.

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

I have always been a big Wallace & Gromit fan. I much preferred them to Shaun the Sheep who made his debut in a Wallace & Gromit adventure.

This extended Christmas special is utterly charming with a lot of love, care and detail.

It is Christmas and little Timmy has ended up going to the Christmas market with the Farmer.

It is Shaun to the rescue but Timmy inadvertently becomes a present for a little girl.

This is one that even adults will like. It reminded me a lot of Toy Story.

I loved the reference to The Snowman.

Winter Evergreen

My first ever encounter with the sprawling Shaun the Sheep brand is this festive special and I was sincerely taken with it. Aardman's charm and wit has barely diminished over the years and this festive wooly romp was a hoot. The brilliantly brief Snowman reprise was the TV highlight of the season, if not the entire year.

Did I spot Harry and Meghan?

The couple with the kid looked a bit like H&M, was this a coincidence I wonder? I love Shaun and all of his pals and have done for many years. The level of detail is astonishing and it takes about a day to film just a few seconds of screen time. It's so cleverly done that it takes a few watchings to notice all of the clever stuff going on. Suitable for all ages from 5 to 105.

Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas

I can already say that short of a miracle this will be the best thing I see on TV this Christmas.

Charming, clever, and most importantly - funny!

An absolute joy.

The best Christmas show of 2021.

Beautiful, absolutely beautiful. Christmas 2021, arguably the worst year for Christmas telly that I can think of, nothing has gripped or excited me, or made me laugh. It comes to something when the best TV of Christmas 2021 is Shaun The Sheep, but there it is, this really was a Christmas delight, myself and family all loved it, we chuckled the whole way through, it was funny and entertaining, and unlike most shows this year, actually had a bit of meaning.

Beautifully made, as always it looked incredible, but best of all, it was so funny, at the age of 41, watching with grown up kids, I was still able to love and enjoy this sheep show.

A triumph 9/10.

Brilliant addition to Shaun the sheep collection

This was really brilliant and we love all the Shaun the sheep films and shows and this one felt so Christmassy and special. Perfect to watchWith young and old and will be a firm Xmas favourite in our house for years to come.

Baa, humbug? Not at all!

Another zip-along installment in the Shaun The Sheep franchise which at thirty minutes long doesn't outstay it's welcome.

This episode sees Timmy inadvertantly becoming a Christmas present for the young daughter of a couple who are internet 'influencer' celebrities - Aardman managing to blend an old-fashioned vision of the world with contemporary relevance. Of course the flock, led by Shaun are in pursuit.

While funny and displaying all the wit and imagination we have come to expect from Aardman, this latest outing for Shaun lacks any real stand out moments - at least for this viewer.

That said, I think we can all expect to see and enjoy The Flight Before Christmas for many years to come.

PS - Am I alone in thinking Dad Influencer looks an awful lot like Rob Brydon?

Shaun the Sheep Christmas

Aardman studios has made great stop-motion films and shorts before, like Shaun the Sheep or Wallace and Gromit.

I've liked all of them including this, this short Shaun the Sheep movie is cute and has really good stop-motion animation.

Shaun and the other sheep in his flock are still likeable and charming, it also has some touching scenes.

There isn't much to say, but I think it is worth watching around Christmas and is entertaining to watch with family.

Another mini-stop-motion masterpiece! :-)

Shaun is back with some Christmas mischief that makes you laugh and melts your heart! :-). I haven't seen Shaun lately, and I got a kick out of the sheep-like verbalizations they are now doing :-)

The Best from Aardman so far?

It is well nigh impossible to top the quality of feature-length titles like Curse of The Were-Rabbit or Pirates, just to mention a few, but The Flight Before Christmas, at 30 minutes only, comes very, very close.

Everything about this gem hits the mark: the story is touching, the pacing perfect (fast without feeling forced), the humor and characters without a single false note, the animation is amazing, and then.. the visual part, the look and feel of the christmassy, wintry world, interiors as well as exteriors, had me totally mesmerized. This looks so lovely and colorful, that I'd give anything to step into its magic landscape.

A classic? Yes, if there is any justice in the world, this IS a new christmas classic (also check out Robin Robin, another splendid Aardman gem on Netflix) and those who are untouched by this jewel in Aardman's crown are either dead or deaf n' blind.

By the way, there is a short Shaun title, from season 2, called We Wish Ewe(!) A Merry Christmas, that is just like this new only, a small miracle. Only shorter.

Cuddly, wooly Christmas...

I sat down to watch the 2021 animated movie "Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas" with my 11 year old son, given this being a Christmas addition to the "Shaun the Sheep" franchise. Sure, I wasn't really expecting all that much from director Steve Cox, with this being an animated children's movie.

But let me say that writers Mark Burton and Giles Pilbrow actually managed to put together an enjoyable enough story for this one. Will it become a Christmas classic? Hardly. But it was watchable for a single viewing, and of course it will have more appeal to the younger audience.

The animation is really nice in "Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas", as it always is in this franchise, so if you have enjoyed the series or any of the previous movies, then you will also like this 2021 Christmas special.

My rating of "Shaun the Sheep: The Flight Before Christmas" lands on a five out of ten stars, as it didn't really bring much of anything new to the table.