Reviews for Welcome to the Christmas Family Reunion ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.3 / 10

Cute little movie

This is a cute movie about family Christmas traditions. I enjoyed seeing all the different traditions each family had and how they encompassed all of them at the end. I really didn't see any chemistry between the 2 leads. I thought the Christmas planner was boring and had no personality. The true entertainment comes from Vanessa Williams and Wendy Robinson. I wish we got to hear Asia'h sing more in this movie because she has a beautiful voice. Overall, I enjoyed this movie.

Cute Movie

I thought it was a lighthearted way to spend the evening. It was also refreshing to see a Christmas movie in a locale absent of snow... I grew up in Texas and spent many joyful Christmas' in Arkansas or Louisiana with my grandparents. There were no snowflakes to be found and we had a blast.


Not sure why this is getting so many bad reviews. I'm pretty critical and I really enjoyed this. At least I didn't have to sit through a Christmas tree lighting in the town square, baking cookies, caroling and all of the other predictable things found in most of these Christmas movies. In addition, the cast was great.

What Were They Thinking?

Ponderous and dull, with zero chemistry, everyone seems to be trying too hard to generate energy. Sad to say, the script is so feeble that this is like trying to pour water up hill. It's all formula - a bad one. The extra stars in my rating express pity for the actors trapped in this mistake.


I guess I will not be able to review more Lifetime movies. Probably, I will not even begin to watch them. This time I really tried.... but I could not go on and soon turned to another channel, as I could not keep my attention alive.

Felt it was vapid and boring.


The party planning angle is common. It was the vehicle for bringing together Amy and Calvin to develop their relationship. Michelle Argyris and Alonzo B. Slater had chemistry, but the activities that went with their time together were mundane.

The conflict confused me until Kayleigh explained it. What follows immediately after that seemed a little weird, but it was unusual.

Asia'h Epperson performs a song at the end.