Reviews for Morbius ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 5.1 / 10

Mighty Morbin Vampire Slayer

My favorite moment is when the Morbster brings Harambe back to life and they team up to finally solve racism once and for all while discovering who actually killed Epstein.

It's morbin time

Morbius WILL be the first movie to sell 1 trillion tickets. It is simply the greatest movie ever conceived. Every line of dialogue was delivered with the greatest amount of care to the craft of the film and truest.

It's morbin time

My name is Kyle Tobias Jones Gilbert Sayyad III and this is the best movie of all time. When Morbius said "it's morbin time" I leapt from my seat, scattering my popcorn across everyone in the packed out theater. At the time of writing this review, I have morbed 13 times thus far, and I can't wait to morb again! Total morbhead here I'll admit it! Like this review if you're as much of a morbhead as me and I'll see you in the theaters tomorrow! If you hated this movie, bury me with dislikes.

THE Movie of All Time

I practically wept when I first watched "Morbius". My emotional outburst was odd to me at first but later on I discovered that I had morbed for the first time. The best parts of the movie were when it had a script, CGI and actors in it. However, when Dr. Jared Michael Leto Morbius said "It's morbin time", I experienced more joy in that moment than the birth of my three children combined. For these reasons it definetely deserves the critical (216% on Rotten Morbatos) and financial (611 morbillion dollars) success it garnered.

Having watched "Morbius" 126 times it is safe to say that this is, without a single doubt in my mind, a movie.

Don't listen to the biased reviews

This is the greatest movie of all time. The only reason people are not rating it higher is because they haven't open their third eye, become based, swallowed the red pill and morbed. Morbius isn't just a movie, it's THE movie. Jared Leto gives his best performance since suicide squad and the one line that I won't spoil but everyone has gone crazy over hits just as hard as you'd think. This is the most Morbed movie of all time and if you haven't seen it yet you need to go buy tickets to it instantly. Don't listen to the negative reviews. They are all from people who didn't understand this masterpiece.

its morbin time

Morbius is so good. When dr michael morbius says "its morbin time, morbaby" it brought actual tears to my eyes. Never again will I see a more prestigious movie than this. Easily a 10/10.

best film

After selling 100 trillion tickets and becoming the best selling film of all time there is no other option then giving this a 10/10 review. It changed my life, before i was morbidly obese, now i am morbiusly obese. This film morbed ,y heart and it will yours.


Wouldve been 11/10 stars if possible, morbius negs the midfather

Morbius> all of scorcese + tarantino#morbiusclear#morbiusnegs#morbiussweep#gigachad#morbiusisnotvenom#heisamarvellegend.

A morbapeice

This movie is amazing. It deserves the morbillion dollars it made in the box office. The quote "It's morbin time" made me cry in joy. Best movie of the year 420/69.

Its a Decent movie!

The pacing is tight and the action was awesome, the colors effects while in a fight was looking amazing, the story was decent as a origin, The 1st half was good although the final act the last 30mins were little meh, the villian's suddenly gone rogue was little odd felt like it just happened and the Nurse's stuff felt lost at the end with it the post credits just didn't make no sense considering the man morbious was. Overall 1st half was good and the ending felt little mess although its a part entertaining and a decent watch.

A Vampire Bat Out of Hell...

... leaves an obnoxious and nauseous smell, no method in the madness, confused, congealed badness, put it away, close the door, do not dwell.

... and turn the lights off on the way out.

Morbius is the film of all time

Morbius is one of the movies of all time. It had graphics and a story line. Jared Leto made a performance in the movie. I have watched this movie 169 times in the last 7 days. I feel that I have ascended to a godlike plain after watching this film. I will be joining Jared Leto's cult after watching this film. Goodbye.

One of the movies ever made

One of the greatest achievement of Cinema that is in the likes of Scorsese. Hell, even Stanley Kubrick would wake up from his grave just to praise this movie ever made in ages. This is the peak and pinnacle of Cinema that something Disney or Marvel can't even made. The film that blows The Dark Knight out of the water and reclaims the throne for the best comic book movie ever made.

The film is so 100% authentic that it is so evident that there is no CGI used but instead it all of it was real. Jared Leto is a method actor that they actually made him fly and turns him into a vampire. The scope and commitment of this film is beyond the world that they actually intended to harm people on set so that everything is intact to the sequence.

Technical wise, Morbius is one of the film's ever made that has a cinematography, camera angle and setpiece. They even hired a VFX team to produce the exquisite effects which is something that rivals and preeminent to Avatar, Jurassic Park, or 2001: A Space Odyssey that it is so compelling and ground breaking you won't even notice what is real and what is not.

The Writing is so incredible that it will glue you to the chair while watching it and even persuade you to rewatch it again and again. The story is so good that it hooks you up to know more about Michael Morbius' character. Matt Smith was so good in portraying the antagonist of the story that he is so remarkable and is one of his roles of all time.

Verdict. Morbius is not just a movie but it is a movie. It breaks records in every aspects that it is the first movie to sold Morbillion tickets. Even by science Morbius doesn't need to be at the Oscars or Cannes to determine its greatness since it was universally known and understood its greatness. Critics wasn't necessary to know its greatness as a movie hence it is the first film to reach 200% Certified fresh Tomato Meter. Morbius continuely Sweeping dollars at the box office and nothing is there to stop it.


Morbius is the best movie ever. Every person has seen it 5 times already and it solved world hunger. It also cured every sickness known to man and made humanity immortal. It is such an influential piece of history that it made Elon Musk buy Twitter.

It is about our lord and savior Morbius, bats and a big baddie. It's the deepest story ever and will be examined by scientists and literature experts for at least a million years. The film made so much money on its premiere that humanity didn't have enough money and every banknote printer in the world had to print new banknotes at maximum capacity for a month and send them to Marvel.

You should donate all your money to the makers of this masterpiece. Watching this movie should become part of your daily routine and be watched every day. You should bring down your government and raise a new society worshiping Morbius. We should burn all art that was ever created because they all seem miniscule compared to Morbius. We should stop sending humanitarian aid to Africa and instead send a copy of Morbius to every single person there. As a wise woman once said: "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day; teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime." - Anne Isabella Thackeray Ritchie

This movie is the best thing that ever happened. Not even the birth of Jesus Christ was such an influential event. It is more influential than all religions of all times combined. Copies of Morbius will, when they come out, replace all currencies and be the one currency to rule them all. Glory to Morbius!


Morbius is so good better than Ninjago. It is really really good. I love Morbius so much that if someone were to ask me what my favorite movie is, I would think for like 3 seconds and then I would say "Morbus (2022)" of course!

Morbius truly is a film

Morbius truly has to be one of the films released in 2022 so far.

Jared Leto did a job playing Morbius and the action was in the film. The film has storytelling and the CGI was animated. The side characters were along with morbius and the villain was a bad guy. The jokes were sentences. This film really is one of the films of all time, if not the last decade.


Morbiges is a truly life changing movie its 2 hours of cgi jared leto flying about doing nothing to further the plot however morbenguser manages to encircle the viewer in the great cinematic experience. Overall morbinjuicy is a 10/10 greatest movie ever.

CGI Nightmare

It's shot sooo dark it's impossible to tell what's going on or what happens. The fighting was impossible to see anything. The echo location was cool and Matt Smith was the best part of the movie. When he was calling out for Michael to come out and play it was absolutely Demonic sounding. Find the cheapest way to see this movie and don't waste your time!

Absolute classic

I can't believe they sold 3 morbillion tickets and made over $300 trillion in 2 hours after releasing it. Truely a classic movie.


My life is morbius. My life is incomplete and meaningless without my morbius.

Turned out to be rather enjoyable...

I have to admit that I had really been looking forward to watching "Morbius" ever since I saw the first trailer. And having been reading the comic books, I will say that Michael Morbius is one of my favorite Marvel characters, so it was nice that the character was finally brought to the big screen.

But then the movie was delayed and delayed again, and once finally out a lot of bad reviews were swarming the movie, so I was actually somewhat reluctant and hesitant about actually sitting down to watch it. But I decided to ignore the bad reviews and go see how the movie would treat the comic book character.

Writers Matt Sazama and Burk Sharpless managed to put together a fair enough storyline. I will say that it was aimed more at an audience fully and wholly unfamiliar with the Michael Morbius character. And I can understand that approach to the first movie with the character, as to introduce a whole new audience of viewers to the character, and not go in on the deep end and do fan service to us whom have been reading the comic books for years.

Personally I had hoped for a bit more in terms of story, but it was actually adequate enough in terms of entertainment. An origin story for a character new to the cinema screen is in its place, I suppose.

I was also somewhat hesitant about it being Jared Leto to don the mantle of the living vampire, given the swing and miss performance of Joker in the 2016 "Suicide Squad", but then again he was amazing in the 2000 movie "Requiem for a Dream". Thankfully, then his performance as Michael Morbius was quite good and actually was suitable for the character from the comic books.

Visually then you are in for quite a treat, given the fact that this is a Marvel movie. The CGI and special effects are quite impressive in the movie, as they are in all Marvel movies. So if you enjoy flashy CGI and special effects, then "Morbius" doesn't disappoint.

All in all, then I will say that I was more than adequately entertained by the 2022 movie "Morbius", though I had hoped for a bit more in the story department. But hopefully the future will add more layers to the character and his story.

My rating of director Daniel Espinosa's 2022 movie lands on a seven out of ten stars.