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IMDB: 8.6 / 10

A Cruise of a Missile...

It's like a modern interpretation of The Dam Busters, but with jet propelled planes and huge thrusters, an impossible road, to deliver a load, with all the courage the pilots can muster. There might be a bit of Star Wars in there too.

A cinematically impressive piece of film making that will probably act as the best piece of recruitment propaganda the navy or air force could ever have wished for. Some solid acting, Tom plays Tom as he always tends to, and the rest of the cast fill the stereotypical roles as required.

I ended up revisiting the 1980s version prior to watching this and enjoyed it more than I thought, and it certainly helped to map a lot of parallels between the two, including the irritating background keyboard music.

Hits Every Target

Signature sounds and nostalgic vibes highlighted this remake of the 1986 original. It brought back so many memories yet didn't appear precisely the same.

Joseph Kosinski's direction of "Top Gun: Maverick" has added a benchmark to the way movie remakes - especially iconic ones like this - should be approached. Great work on screenplay by Ehren Kruger, Eric Warren Singer, and Christopher McQuarrie.

Musical scoring and new-theme vocals by Lady Gaga added to the marvels of "Top Gun: Maverick". Lorne Balfe, Harold Faltermeyer, Hans Zimmer, and Lady Gaga all brought this title to life through sound.

Claudio Miranda's cinematography was excellent. Eddie Hamilton's editing was noteworthy. Amazing soundtracks as well. Jeremy Hindle's production design was great. The set decoration and hair-makeup teams also did amazing work. Marlene Stewart's costume design was relevant and evocative. The stunts and VFX crews did superb work.

Capt. Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, played by Tom Cruise, was the heart and soul of this movie. Anyone else in the role would have botched it, in my opinion. Cruise gave fans quite the show, and he was every bit as memorable as we wished he would be. He did most of his own stunts in "Maverick" - huzzah for that.

Penny Benjamin, played by Jennifer Connelly, was a wonderful 'comeback replacement' for Charlie, who was played by Kelly McGillis in the original. Lt. Bradley "Rooster" Bradshaw, played by Miles Teller, was amazing. Adm. Tom "Iceman" Kazansky, played by Val Kilmer - yet another comeback - was great, but received little screentime.

Adm. Beau "Cyclone" Simpson, played by Jon Hamm, was great. Adm. Solomon "Warlock" Bates, played by Charles Parnell, was good. Wo-1. Bernie "Hondo" Coleman, played by Bashir Salahuddin, was also good. Lt. Jake "Hangman" Seresin, played by Glen Powell, was memorable.

Chester "Hammer" Cain, played by Ed Harris, was great. Lt. Natasha "Phoenix" Trace, played by Monica Barbaro, was noteworthy. Lt. Robert "Bob" Floyd, played by Lewis Pullman, was good.

All other cast and crew did remarkable work in "Top Gun: Maverick" now streaming via Amazon Prime VOD.

The story was set thirty years after the original. They maintained a 'true to tradition' feel by not performing irrelevant character de-aging. The titular character made a power-comeback to the United States Navy Strike Fighter Tactics Instructor program, aka Top Gun, but with an interesting twist as to his responsibilities. The script gave fans everything they expected, and then some.

In keeping with progress, I liked how they covered the need for unmanned drone programs and machines that could touch Mach 10, and over. That said, in keeping with the pride of fighter-pilot history, I liked how Tom Cruise made sure the Top Gun program came through, despite military pressure to sideline it.

The idea of foreign uranium-enrichment toward nuclear power gains further added to the plot's significance, especially considering ongoing current affairs. I'm sure this script-element was a nod to what is happening in Iran - specifically, the Fordow Fuel Enrichment Plant (FFEP) - but the writers were clever in avoiding direct mention of it.

"Top Gun: Maverick" was 'danger zone' gold, and nothing can convince me otherwise. Military drama met high-standards combat pilot training in this heartfelt and unforgettable remake that not only lived up to its hype but delivered one of the best remakes in recent years.

Part of me is glad that Jerry Bruckheimer had a hand in this production, and got to see its brilliance while he is still alive. The man gave cinema some of its biggest titles, so it was only fitting to watch him pull another rabbit out of his hat, or should I say another maverick.

If you don't cry at the end of this movie, chances are you didn't see the original, or you were watching an entirely different title.

Concering the "hype" around this remake, I decided to give it a gander.

The last time I saw Top Gun, I was a kid in the 80's golden era of Hollywood. It was also my "first" Tom Cruise movie. Since then, I've seen a majority of his good films in an erratic order: The Firm, Cocktail, Rain Man, Days Of Thunder, A Few Good Men, Far And Away, Jerry Maguire, Interview with the Vampire, Mission Impossible, Eyes Wide Shut, Vanilla Sky, Minority Report, The Last Samurai, Collateral, War Of The Worlds, Valkyrie, Oblivion, Edge Of Tomorrow, The Mummy. These are all of his movies I've seen.

Top Gun is a special movie for me because those days I played Fighter Bomber(1989) a game on the Amiga 500 system, a gift from my aunt. So dog-fighting held a special place in my heart(only in game not for real).

And the game itself was really remarkable. You could refuel in mid-air! The sound effects and targeting system were awesome.

Back to the film. It is a sequel to the original, continuing where Top Gun ended and subsequent events that follow Pete "Maverick" Mitchell in his return to Top Gun as an instructor to teach the next generation of ace fighter-pilots for the U. S. Navy.

Val Kilmer makes a small cameo in the film. I was truly shocked to see how this handsome actor has aged. His role the Ghost And The Darkness about the true story of the Lions Of Tsavo is forever immortalized in my memory along with Michael Douglas.

The movie showcases realistic dogfights of this modern generation along with weaponry. Acting is decent and not over-the-top. The movie shines in the photography, sound effects and music departments. The editing and direction is top-notch.

All in all, I'd recommend this for people who like movies of this genre and those who play aeroplane simulation games. Fans of Tom Cruise should be satisfied to this possibly final entry and a fitting farewell to fans of the original Top Gun film.

Do I have more movies to recommend to you? Yes: Firefox 1982(superior film with special-effects ahead of its time), Flight Of The Intruder 1991, Flight Of The Black Angel 1991, Interceptor 1992. And as an afterthought my favorite childhood move: Flight Of The Navigator 1986(the golden era of movies).

I did not expect that.


I have just walked out of the cinema, and feel absolutely buzzing, a two hour thrill ride, what a spectacular movie this was.

I so often feel disappointed by hyped up films, but this deserves all the hype, and then some.

Top Gun is a classic, one of those films we've all seen, and many love. When I first heard about a follow up, I dreaded it, so many films have diabolical follow ups, almost damaging the original, definitely not the case here though, this is a great movie.

All involved were outstanding, Tom Cruise, clearly a perfectionist, and that side of him is evident here, I cannot find a single fault.

Visually amazing, great music, great story, superb acting.

Nailed it! 10/10.

Great Flight Sequences, Cliche-Ridden Plot

I don't share everyone's unbridled enthusiasm for this film. It is indeed a great popcorn flick, with outstanding aerial photography and maneuvers. But 10 stars? There are few, if any, movies that are perfect, and deserve that kind of rating.

The problem with the film is the plot. It is so filled with age-worn cliches that one could easily tell what was coming from beginning to end. I mean, you had to know who was going to save the day at the end, and you had to know what was going to happen when Maverick jumped out of Penny's window. Those are just two examples of the many obvious plot points that you could see coming a mile away. I could list them all, but it would take up too much space here. Basically the entire plot was entirely predictable.

The opening scene, especially, was straight out of Hollywood Screenplay Writing 101. I mean, seriously, how many times have we seen that subplot? Countless.

There were no characters in the movie, either. They were all caricatures, stereotypes. No depth to any of them. They had their standard roles to play, and that was it.

Did I enjoy the film? Sure, it was fun. Especially on a big theater screen with a loud sound system. Did I take anything away from the film? Did it make me think about anything after it was over? Nah. Will I see it again? Nah.

I will give Tom Cruise credit for including Val Kilmer in the cast. Considering his health problems, that was a nice touch.

So, yeah, enjoy the film. Sit back with your bag of popcorn and enjoy the g-forces. But don't pretend it is anything other than just another summer blockbuster.

There are very few movies whose second movie is better than the first

It was a movie I expected, but it was a much better movie than I expected. There are very few movies whose second movie is better than the first, this movie is one of them. There were a lot of good things in the movie. Watching it in the cinema made the viewing pleasure better. I liked it very much. In addition, "Danger Zone" was indispensable and the first scene of the movie was happy Tom Cruise, bravo to you. Watch this movie now, but definitely in the cinema!

A perfect gift to all Top Gun fans

There are so many references to the original that I was brought to childhood when I had first seen it.

The best cinematic experience of my life and a perfect gift to all Top Gun fans.

Amazing entertainment

Greetings from Lithuania.

I wasn't the biggest fan of first "Top Gun" movie. I saw it like 5 years ago so for me it wasn't nostalic or anything. It was just OK movie and nothing more.

Today i saw "Top Gun: Maverick" (2022) in cinema. And it blew me away. This movie was incredible. It literally put a smile on my face. Action scenes in the air were the best i ever saw of this type of action. Directing by Joseph Kosinski was perfect. Music was on spot. Cinematography was gorgeous. I loved how actually calm and quite this movie was, until it wasn't and transition between scenes, acts, calm and action was perfect. Acting was great. This is a movie making as good as it gets. Was it predictable? Yes. But at the same time i was excited and glued to the screen during its whole 2 hours run time.

Overall, "Top Gun: Maverick" is a Hollywood blockbuster done right. Its a Hollywood action adventure movie in every possible way, yet this time its done incredibly good. What a terrific sequel.

Holy cow such a great IMAX experience!

Tom Cruise is still an ultimate being at 59 years old it's outstanding! Top Gun: Maverick deserves so much for how practical everything is. Great the IMDb rating is 8.7 hope it stays high, should even get awards. The music hit the spot, cinematography is beautiful, the story flow well, and the acting is incredible so much so that even though Val Kilmer has mouth cancer in real life he has a small part in the film. I like how the main characters trained for a near impossible mission that all was built up quite well.

Talk to me Goose

It makes more than sense to have seen the first Maverick movie. I am writing this with that in mind. Actually I would even argue that the rating also had something to do with it. Watching it on the big screen also helps a lot of course. My summary line is actually a quote from the movie. Not just the first one, but one that is being said here too. And you will get the full impact of that sentence, of those words, if you know what they mean and why they are said.

There are quite a few connections to the first movie, but there is also nods to real life. Especially with Val Kilmer in mind. And all is serving the story - even the real life struggle Kilmer has, that gets woven into the character Iceman. So there are two of the big stars of the first one name checked - what about Kelly McGillis though? Well don't hold your breath (it is being taken away, sorry for the pun)! She is not returning. Now you could be mad at the movie for that - or you could salute it for bringing "back" a character that was only name checked in the first movie - and being played by the wonderful Jennifer Connely.

Now is she as beautiful as ever? Yes. But she is also close to the age of Tom Cruise that some other names could have been. Of course do not overthink the age thing, because you'd find that her real age would have been inappropriate during the time of the first movie ... just saying. Again: do not overthink it at all.

Those things out of the way, we get introduced to a whole bunch of new characters. There probably is not as much ... well male on male energy here as there was in the first one. Even in the dialog - you just feel it. Don't give me that look (and yes I know it is the only one you've got - especially when I bring the puns)! There is more than a coherent story - and the movie takes its time to tell it. There is plenty of action too.

There is also technical talk that I didn't totally understand. But it is not necessary to get the movie or enjoy it. And then there is the ending - and what a perfect ending this has. So much so, that I decided it deserves the 10 rating I finally gave it. It may copy many things from the first movie (call it homage), especially the intro but also some story beats, but it still stands ... or rather flies on its own! Just buckle your seatbelt, because you may get dizzy.

First time watching I could spot the music cues from the first one, but there were also some fresh elements to it. If I didn't know Lady Gaga was at least partly (big parts if I understood correctly) responsible for the soundtrack, I wouldn't have guessed myself to be honest. As it is, one of the biggest highlights in cinemas this year - the waiting was worth it. If you feel the need .. the need for speed - your need will be satisfied here (or rather in cinemas). Even being able to predict story points will not take away anything from the experience you can have with this. Enjoy.

The real cinema experience!

If there's any movie that deserves to be seen in the theaters with big screens and booming speakers. It's :Top Gun Maverick.

One of my best experiences in years!

Tom Cruise really knows how a blockbuster film is made.

5 out of 5 stars.

Top Gun Maverick is an awesome action film that lives up to the original film and way superior as well. It is one awesome thrill ride that will have the audiences gasping for air with its exhilarating aerial combat scenes.

The plot is great. It continues with Maverick (Tom Cruise) being assigned to train new pilots before they go off on a challenging mission. Rooster (Miles Teller) is among the recruits which Maverick tries to reconnect after the incident with his father in the previous film.

The plot tries to build an emotional powerhouse as Maverick are neck to neck about the past. And Maverick trying to get these pilots prepared for there first combat.

The script is great and fast moving. Director Joseph Kosinski nails making a blockbuster film. Making the action sequences cinematic. And big and loud. Majority of the action scenes are practical and realistic which makes it better. The climatic sequence with the pilots on the mission was awesome and thrilling. Definitely worth seeing this film on the biggest screen with great sound quality.

The cast ensemble is great. Tom Cruise nails making a big action film. Cant wait to see what he does with his next films. Miles Teller also was good. Jennifer Connelly playing Mavericks past love interest. The new additions were all great as well. The music score was awesome.

The opening sequence gives you the chills with its similiarities to the first.

Top Gun Maverick is one of the best films this year. Amazing action sequences that is cinematic and big. And big film that deserves to be seen in theatres.

This Topped and Outgunned the Original

See? This is why I LOVE Tom Cruise Post-Mid-1992. Aside from the RARE misfire, cough, cough, The Mummy, when Tom Cruise wants a movie to be better than perfect, he pushes it past Mach 10.

The first half of this adventure made me feel this is the perfect and worthy sequel to the original. AND THEN...the second half kicked in thoroughly SURPASSING the original by a landslide. Now, it certainly will not have the impact on the 2020s as the original did for the 1980s - that's lightning that can't be caught twice. But, rest assured: this simultaneously saluted the 1986 classic and then told it to hold its beer.

Maverick never changed. And just went he was about to use up his seemingly endless supply of luck, he got recruited back into the "Top Gun" division to get the elite ready for a, dare I?, almost Impossible Mission. Oh, and there's a ton of drama and obligatory dick-measuring thrown in.

What matters most is: the setup for the film takes place perfectly in the first act giving us clear direction (something the original lacked,) and gave us goals with character building to anticipate and cheer on. When the climax began, it's WAS exactly what I wanted, until it went on another 15 minutes to make the movie SOAR beyond my expectations.

While the acting was superb from the Veterans, it wasn't all that great from the fresh new recruits. That was to be expected. Much like their characters in the movie, they're learning to be the best. And they may someday.

The movie's music is not as great as the original, but the movie used it sparingly, correctly and with some great new tracks. The original knew it had a killer soundtrack and overdid it. This one showed the restraint it needed.

If you loved the first one, there's virtually no way you wouldn't love this even more. It's absolutely perfect for those who were there buying tickets for the original and it's also great for newbies so they can learn to appreciate the classics and understand: with age comes experience and that should never be mocked. It should be learned from and used to progress.

And to Top it all off, all of the practical stunts and aerial shots made 10x more sense and easier to follow this time around. I just rewatched the original last night for only the second time (the first being on home video in 2015) and my head was literally spinning to follow the action in the sky. Here, they make sure no one is left in the dust.

I can't recommend this movie enough and to see it in theatres, preferably a Dolby-certified one. Don't wait for Paramount+ to pick this up (like I normally would.) Go see this now on the big screen as it should be seen and don't miss out like I did with the original in 1986.


Final Thoughts: I *just* made my Top Ten Tom Cruise movie list, time to update it:

1. A Few Good Men2. Mission: Impossible - Fallout3. Edge of Tomorrow4. Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation5. Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol6. Top Gun: Maverick7. Collateral8. Jerry Maguire9. Knight and Day10. Mission: Impossible III

Honorable Mentions:

11. Top Gun12. Oblivion13. The Firm14. Interview with the Vampire15. Rain Man16. Vanilla Sky.

One of the best sequels ever

Top Gun: Maverick accomplishes a very rare feat of being a long gestating sequel that is not only worthy of the original but actually better than it. Managing to retain the spirit of the original whilst also adding stronger stakes, a more emotionally involving narrative and better written characters.

Tom Cruise is perfect as Maverick, bringing all the charm and star power but also adding much needed dramatic weight and sorrow to the character. He also has great chemistry with Jennifer Connelly, who is a strong love interest with lots of warmth and humanity.

All of the new cast fit in perfectly and are all really memorable but Miles Teller is definitely the standout with a satisfying character arc and has equally great chemistry with Cruise. Val Kilmer's inclusion was a superb decision and is handled with immense love and respect.

Joseph Kosinski's direction is absolutely amazing. The film looks amazing overall with some nice homages to Tony Scott's iconic style but the standout is definitely the flight sequences which are truly astonishing and satisfyingly practical.

Sifting through hours upon hours of footage, the flight sequences are edited together in spectacular fashion, extremely comprehensible and never boring. The film itself has excellent pacing, naturally building to a thrilling climax that just keeps escalating.

The soundtrack and music by Harold Faltermeyer, Lady Gaga and Hans Zimmer is also perfect. All the classics you expect are present and used in satisfying ways and the new music is appropriately epic. The new songs by Lada Gaga and One Republic are so good, utilised at the right moments and equally catchy and memorable.

The most feel-good action movie in recent times.

Having loved Top Gun, I clearly wasn't going to miss Top Gun: Maverick, and also being a fan of Tom Cruise, I knew the best place to watch it would be the big screen. I totally enjoyed the film as I watched it with a helping of popcorn. There were moments where I felt excited, emotional and even laughed along with the other viewers. It delivers light, simple and sweet entertainment in a delicious mix of action, drama, some romance and humor in a delightful manner.

Tom Cruise shines in his performance where he is required to display a good range of emotions and has a good chemistry with Jennifer Connelly, while also impressing us in the action sequences as he always does. Speak of which, the action is very beautifully executed as well as filmed. Every time the jets turned, I felt like my head moved along in the same direction. This effect is repeated multiple times and ends up immersing the viewer into the thrill of the action. It's very clean and neatly done, and never violent at all. The film has no adult content, due to which you can watch it with your families.

The music and score are terrific, and the cinematography is another major plus. Some might find the initial few acts a little slow, but the action sequences completely steal the show, especially in the lengthy and spellbinding final act. The editing is top notch, as the film never feels long or stretched. I was actually surprised how short it felt, and in a good way. Top Gun: Maverick is a very feel-good action movie with realistic action and emotions to deliver an experience of a lifetime. If you enjoyed Top Gun, chances are you will find yourself loving this film even more, for Cruise once again proves he's the man to look for when quality action is what viewers crave. Must watch on the big screen. Period.

Paid for the whole seat, but only used the edge

I'll preface my review by first stating that I had mediocre expectations coming in. It's very hard to make a successful sequel to an older classic movie, but I was immediately entertained from beginning to end. I won't give any spoilers, but I'll list my biggest takeaways from the movie.

1. The flying scenes were incredible and had me on the edge of my seat.

2. Tom cruise and miles teller were awesome.

3. I want to quit my job and become a fighter pilot now.

This movie is definitely worth paying for imax tickets and I suggest you get a big water bottle cause you will be sweating profusely as Maverick cuts through the sky like butter.

Flying High

Top Gun (1986) made Tom Cruise a star, and now 36 years later he jumps back in role of Pete Mitchell AKA Maverick almost like he never left.

Maverick never seems let his age slow him down, and still is cocky has ever, and is ordered to train a bunch of young pilots for a deadly mission, but sees a little bit of himself in them, and must get them working together has a team.

Tom Cruise is great has Maverick, who is coming to terms with the past. Miles Teller and Glen Powell are also great, and not to mention Jennifer Connelly. But the flying scenes are what makes this movie, you feel like your flying with them. Feels has real has ever. A terrific sequel 36 years worth the wait.

Let me just say...

I was reluctantly dragged into the theater, thinking that they didn't need to make a Top Gun 2 and that the first one was where that story needed to end.

I could write a couple paragraphs to summarize my feelings after walking out of the theater, but I'm going to leave it with just one sentence.

I was wrong.

This is slightly different to the other reviews, please stay with me here.

If you were a late teen or in your early twenties in the mid 1980's the world was very different. No computers, no mobile phones, no internet, no DVD's. We had cars though, and bikes, and we loved them, and we loved films too. The original Top Gun captured this moment in time perfectly, and gave us a thrilling ride like we had never seen before. The humour, the games, the bikes, the aircraft and my word, those flying scenes. We went back to the cinema to see it again and again, and spent the following decades quoting the movie. As time went on, it remained like a static snapshot in time to perfectly represent that magical point in our lives for so many of us.

Now, 36 years later, we are a generation that has lost our parents, we've had our own children who have moved on themselves, and we now approach the end of our own careers and our young selves are gone forever.

This film is the missing bookend to that whole generation. The original was there for the start of our young adult lives, and this new film now marks the end. It's magnificent.

I'm 55, but yesterday, just for one last night, I was 19 again. Thank you.

Best movie of 2022!

Wow! As a retired combat veteran who has flown jets, I LOVED THIS MOVIE! It had massive heart, great action and wonderful Cameos. The flying scenes were the best I've seen. Nobody left the theater for 90 minutes!