Reviews for Monstrous ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.4 / 10


A 1950s mom gets away with her son to a remote rented house, but something sinister keeps emerging from the pond out back.

Psychic trip, not a real horror, but done with great style in the cinematography and set dressing, and a gorgeous soundtrack of period tunes.

The lead performance is spot on, with a willingness to please barely concealing a wire-taut inner tension. From the start it's clear we're in a subconscious world elaborately maintained in technicolor dresses and bob hairstyles, shadowed by subtle undertones in the score to generate a sense of the uncanny. The pace does drag a little, I think because the viewer has no relief in the constant look-out for clues to the mystery. Although the scenes are nice and crisp, the editing smooth, at no point did I lose myself in the events.

At the heart of the story is the return of repressed emotion, but perhaps the writer mistook her starting point: it's not the event in the pool, but the reaction to that event - in other words, why is the process so difficult for this particular woman? Perhaps the line about fault needed a rethink, with something more troubled lurking behind.

Overall: Domesticated uncanny.

Give it a chance

Horrible review because people only compare it to others...Christina Ricci is brillant. This is a psychological thriller with a touch of horror.

A story with a touch of poetry. The idealized 50's with perfect mums doll look a like...Yet the reviews were superficial the movie isn't perfect but over the 4.6. For real viewers.

Dont listen to the haters ots an excellent film but it's a psychological thriller hardly any horror no gore slaying slashing no killing just GREAT film

If you're looking for Friday the 13th or the conjuring you'll be disappointed but if you want a little thriller with a phenomenal performance by Ricci then here you go. We also love the cinematography and the and the soundtrack is it a perfect film no but it has a message and my wife and I enjoy a film that has a message that is true to life yet has an entertaining storyline that inflates it. We throughly enjoyed it was it predictable somewhat yes but not completely and we think predictable gets a bad wrap. Bottom line films are to be ENTERTAINING and this film was Ricci was phenomenal the whole cast was we own the dvd and will definitely watch it again. It's a 7.5 but we bumped it to a 9 because of the RIDICULOUS low score on imdb.

This is a film for people who enjoy film

Reading all the comments you will see so much of how the.twist is not origional or surprising. I knew where it was going as well, but I truly enjoyed the journey getting there. This movie is a beautiful look at mental health. The cinematography is outstanding. The camera showed you the hole in the story. Also the set and costumes were so beautifully done that it all added to the overall feeling of the work as a piece. Christinna Ricci absolutely did not fail to deliver. I will be watching this one again to see the things I missed. After that I'll probably watch it a dozen more times just to enjoy it. This is one I will be adding to my collection of films I watch repeatedly.

Almost mediocre

This is a movie that can mostly be described as "fine." The best parts are the performance by Ricci and the visually pleasing images. Nothing else stands out. Most of it maxes at mediocre. And it goes in directions later in the movie that range from interesting to predictable to nonsensical. (1 viewing, 7/17/2022)

Over 40 Producers ?????

Somehow slow, somehow ok, but in the end a very disappointing movie. Miss Ricci is doing her best, but it doesn't help the movie to be more watchable. Not a stinker, but not average either.

Oh well

Really bad movie but at least the soundtrack, costumes and decor were nice. Not a drop of scary in this movie, more slow and boring than anything. Different style of cast for once. I appreciated the vacation from the same nonsense, they keep making. Kid actors used to be so great, wonder what happened? Now it's like they pick a random kid from a school and throw them in a movie.

The story is so so only

This movie is predictable and the almost same story as others, nothing new or interesting.

The special effect is lacking along with some boredom.

A lot of hiccups and some no common sense along the way.

I can give max 6.5/10 because story lack, special effect lousy,..... nothing interesting. After watched, u will forget about it soon. Not recommend to pay to watch.

boring and

Feels underdeveloped ... acting is atrocious , even Christina Ricci is not what I've expected ...All in all a bland "psychological " thriller , masquerading like a creature - feature ... Weak ...

Mom's Lost It

Ricci is a delusional mom fighting to find a new life with her son. A monster from the lake begins to wreck their new life and as Ricci's newfound existence begins to dissolve, the holes in her sanity become apparent.

Don't watch if you expect a pure horror movie

I believe most of the poor review is because the person expecting to see a horror but instead it is a psychological thriller. The acting is good, the story isn't very original but hey, it is hard to come by with an original ideas these day so it is just mediocre. Overall, me and my wife did enjoy this.

Half-decent creepy horror movie with an interesting concept, but not enough to leave me satisfied :-(

Nice effects, good acting by the main characters (not so much by the secondary characters), and a different plot were all still not enough to leave me satisfied :-(

Cheapo Productions presents Home Made Stew

Finely chop some disjointed and muddled, mix in a soup?on of poor acting and flavourless script. Simmer for just over an hour until nearly dry, then add a twist of predictable and a pinch of tedious, you've got one great big steaming bouillabaisse of boring.

Beautiful Story

A beautiful story of love and loss, and how we balance these two against each other. I figured it out early in, but that was okay.

I NEVER cry, and had tears in my eyes at the end.

Every Mother will understand this.

What The Hay!

This was one of those movies you wish you'd read the reviews before even investing time into it in the first place! This movie made 0 sense and was pointless and confusing as hell. It was like it could not figure out if it wanted to me a psychological thriller or a horrible horror movie with 0 scary moments! Never really found out in the end if she was crazy or if it was all her imagination. I would NOT recommend this movie and I myself will never see it again. I wish I had not seen it to begin with! Hard Pass for me!

More than a monster...

This movie was genuinely scary, there were moments I held my breath, my eyebrows were all the way up, and had that creeping, chilling feeling several times while watching. I really enjoyed the cinematography, the story, and it kept me engaged wondering what the deeper meaning was- and there definitely is one! Don't let these bad reviews deter you from watching a cool monster movie that also has tons of heart.

Christina Ricci shouldn't be floundering

Monstrous has a great 50s soundtrack and setting. It also has Christina Ricci on top form. What the movie doesn't have is anything new or interesting to say, the plot has been done ad nauseum and the 'twist' can be seen from a mile away. It's such a shame as Christina Ricci is a great actress and really should be given more interesting work, she isn't on the big screen as often as she deserves to be.

An interesting story

I don't know why this is so poorly rated on here. Probably teenagers expecting a slasher or something. I would say this is a very mild horror with a good story.

Anyway, for the adults, this is a good solid story where you are never quite sure where it will go

The acting is superb, and is the production.

One thing you might find odd is the constant references to Hotpoint - but this becomes clear in the end.

Well worth a watch.


My wish is really simple - I would have preferred if the producers had decided to go for a simple horror movie. The "twist" of the story is no twist, because it is far to obvious right from the beginning. On the pro side there is solid acting (nice to watch Christina Ricci) and production. A missed opportunity.

Don't let the overall poor rating put you off (currently 4.7)

I rated this 10 out of 10. If I am being completely honest it's probably more deserving of an 8 out of 10 however given the undeservedly low overall rating this currently has in my opinion I decided to give it 10.

I do have theory as to why it has so many low rating which I will come back to at the end of this.

From the very beginning of this film the effort that the film maker put into this is obvious. The attention to detail is astounding and the very deliberate hints that are subtlety spread thought out are all well thought out.

There are two major twists in this movie and from the beginning there are breadcrumbs all the way through regarding each one. Everything from the way it's filmed to camera techniques and surreal imagery all combine to tell the story and provide clues as to what is actually happening.

One of my favourite aspects of this movie is that its apparent from the very beginning that all is not as it seems with an immediate indication that's it's the kind of movie that if you pay close enough attention you'll find all sorts of subtle hints as to what might be happening.

I said at the beginning that if I was being honest I would have rated this 8. The main reason for this as others have alluded to is that one of the twists has been done numerous times before and is therefore easier to guess than it otherwise would have been. Indeed if this was 20 years ago this would have deserved a 10 outright. That said the second twist is a relatively new take on the first that I can't honestly remember coming across before.

The acting in this film by the two leads is suburb - no surprise with Christina Ricci being in it, and at 1 hour 28 minutes it doesn't over stay its welcome.

Don't let the poor overall rating put you off and give this a chance.

With regards to the overall low rating my theory is that the trailer and description of this movie as well as the title of movie does not do it any favours. Indeed my opinion is that with the surreal imaginary in the trailer combined with the general plot description and the title, the expectation for most viewers would be for an entirely different type of movie and therefore it is attracting the wrong type of audience which subsequently equals the low ratings.

In fact when I watched this myself my initial expectations were somewhat skewed by the these points.