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IMDB: 6.7 / 10

I really enjoyed this one

I wrote this comment cuz I see lots of negative ones, that don't reflect the overall score, right? I think they was written by die hard fans of whatever their are fanning. But I just wanted to see a movie, and I really liked this Thor.

First it was funny. Like laughing out loud funny. Good jokes. Second the action was nice, non of this over the top endless fights. Also the music was great, really added some flavor to the movie.

Frankly most of the latest superhero movies I couldn't bare. This one is just different in the overall approach. You can see it just by reading reviews. Some fans didn't like the change of formula. They want what, more of the same?

I recommend this movie if you like this kind of movies but don't mind some silly in it. Good comedy, good action, touch of drama and story, and overall a fun movie.

CGI Thursday's...

The Gods of Chore desecrate with poor humour, this must surely be, a Marvel lampooner, while a dark necromancer, a metaphorical cancer, wages war with his shady black tumours. There's a Crowe God takes us to new lows, waffles along with ridiculous prose, but he isn't alone, most of this makes you moan, you're relieved when it gets to the close.

Taika Waititi fails to pull another Jo Jo Rabbit out of his increasingly emptying bag, in a film that leaves you groaning and squirming, from the ridiculous to the inept, from the absurd to the disengaging and detaching disconnect. Not sure why Christian Bale presents as Marilyn Manson but it's probably the only thing that works, although possibly not as intended.

Way to Ruin a Franchise

Very disappointing addition to the Thor franchise with such a pondering, predictable story. I won't give examples but decided to leave the theater early rather than waste my time. Sad that movie creativity is a thing of the past.

Thor: Nepotism and Narcissism. The Family Vanity Venture.

Every million Thor: Love and Thunder makes, is a million Marvel Studios and Disney has stolen, in the true meaning of the word, from fans. And believe me when I say that this farce of a movie is so vacant, that there really is nothing to spoil.

"Gorr - The God Butcher", yet not once did we see him butcher anyone, let alone a god, apart from a lousy stab. In any other franchise, such a gross disservice would have sparked outrage or contempt, but because it is the MCU, anything goes. That together with an endless barrage of bad and recycled jokes and plot issues the director couldn't have been bothered with, Thor: Love and Thunder, which is essentially named after Chris and his daughter, is a box of candy only good for causing a visual sugar high, only without the high or the sweetness. The MCU is no longer a loved franchise, it has become a worshiped one, which is why it can get away with producing thoughtless and empty products, and yet still be praised and consumed with gratitude.

This movie only served to stroke Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi's egos, while being a platform to showcase their children. And please don't interpret this as me "bashing" their children, they are completely innocent in this; it's their parents' egomania at fault. Thor: Love and Thunder has no substance, direction, or purpose, and is just a project of pure nepotism and ego.

This movie is half-baked, senseless, and intentionally ridiculous, which emphasizes just what a vanity venture it is.

I read somewhere someone say:

Avengers: Endgame: "Whatever it Takes".

Thor: Love and Thunder: "Whatever".

This is perhaps the most apt description of this thing that is a movie only by name.

In the sentiments of Chris Hemsworth and Taika Waititi, they suggest that this is a movie a 7-year-old would've made, and that the focus was 6-year-olds, showing how Marvel is now even flaunting its arrogance and disregard without shame.

Thor: Love and Thunder is not a movie, nor is it a movie for Marvel/MCU fans, it is a scam, a con, and footage of the Waititi and Hemsworth's family get-togethers, for them to enjoy during the holidays, but not us, together as families, and Taika and Chris are the con artists, which is about as much art as they display.

I'm not mad, disappointed, or surprised by this wreck of a movie, I'm merely aware of what the MCU is, or has become, and as an MCU fan, I'm just accepting of how the mighty have indeed fallen, at least from a quality point of view.

If you had asked me years ago if I thought I'd ever give an MCU movie such a low rating, I probably would've laughed in your face, and yet, here we are:


Empty. Annoying.

String of jokes and gags. Bland fight sequences. Hollow characters. Candypop colours and bling. Lazy, formulaic BGM. Pointless, absolutely unnecessary. When did Marvel become a spoof of its own material? Even The Powerpuff Girls had more sincerity than Love and Thunder. Waited for two hours to feel SOMETHING. All I felt was a headache and a pair of tired eyes.

Too sily, feels like it's own parody

Movie is okay. Christian Bale is awesome, Chris still can't act, but we never liked him for his talent, rest of the cast brings what they have to the whole movie is an average Disney factory work, everyone knows their job and they execute is as they should. The story has too many silly jokes. I know Waititi's style, but now he feels like his own parody. Like those Scream parody Scary Movies.

Very very disappointed

I'm a huge marvel fanboy, and hardly ever have anything bad to say to about the MCU, but this was a huge letdown. Ragnarok is easily one of my top 5 marvel films , so was very excited to see this one, but this was really really bad. It was boring as hell and none of the jokes landed for me. First time in a marvel movie I really wanted to leave or wished it would end already. Huge waste of Gorr the god butcher. And the whole Zeus and Olympus part were so cringe worthy. I don't know how this got made. It was garbage.

Thor: Arse and Thunder--A movie so idiotic it makes Minions Rise of Gru look intellectual

Ok, so maybe that is an exaggeration, but you have to search long and hard to find another moment in American film history when two mega-blockbusters of such extreme stupidity were released back to back.

Ragnarok was funny to some degree, but that was mostly due to how unexpected its gonzo humor was. (Plus, Ragnarok at least had a decent Tom Hiddleston performance before everyone got sick of him on Disney Plus). Love and Thunder just dials everything up to a degree that it just becomes swamped and strained instead. Again, it falls into the same pitfall of Ragnarok: since it's an M'C'U film it can't exclusively focus on comedy and tries to make you take it seriously at some points. (Or even worse, deals with serious topics and expects you to laugh at the same time). I feel like there is place for a stupid heavy-metal mythological space viking movie, but this is too bogged down in franchise mire to be a worthwhile one.

Oh, well. My expectations were low to begin with. Taika Waititi has essentially sold his soul to corporate Disney money-grubbers at this point and I think Jojo Rabbit may be the last unique film we see from him. (Does anybody really want to see his upcoming Star Wars film?). Add that to the fact that we entered an age of overperforming, original/innovative films (Top Gun, Elvis, EEAAO) and Thor seems more and more like a relic of a bygone past when people only cared about CGI gloop. Hopefully the times are changing, but you never know.

I think 4/10 is generous

I can't be bothered typing an essay so I'll sum up:

Thor is reduced to a bumbling idiot to elevate Jane and Valkyrie.

Horrible CGI.

Jokes that don't land.

A plot not worth caring about.

Forgettable set pieces.

Overuse of Guns N Roses.

Boring and unfunny traded tickets for Black Phone

Wow as a HUGE! Marvel fan I'm shocked at how bad this was. So many cliché jokes, no character development, and Chris Hemsworth is no longer an actor in my opinion but a Disney prop just generating revenue with the same old schtick. I personally think Disney buys reviews because how these disasters just debut with higher rating and falter when us fans speak our mind is shocking. Only good thing was I was able to go see Back Phone after 80 mins of this crap and actually found a movie I really enjoyed that I normally wouldn't have seen. Way better filmmaking and acting. The jokes in this Thor aren't even funny, it's like they try to get the audience to laugh with them but we end up laughing at them. Films don't care about good storytelling anymore, they want to be "politically correct" and enlighten us with how they want us to think. All hogwash. Save your money. Disney is 3rd rate.

Below Average

The film fails to meet the expectations of a great sequel. The Director is over reliant on unnecessary and childish humor. Christian Bale's character is underdeveloped for the most part. Zeus is a forgettable character in the movie. Thor does bring some fun to the movie but it does not help the film recover at any point. I would not rush to the Theaters for this sequel. O what a missed opportunity ??.

Highly disappointing

This review will come off as very negative, but I had a decent time, laughed a lot, and was fairly entertained. As a big-time MCU fan though, Love and Thunder is highly disappointing, even more so for an OG Avenger.

For reference, I loved all of the previous Thor movies. Many people view the first two as bottom tier MCU but I think they're beastly and beautiful in a Shakespearian way, while also being funny and visually stunning. Then they went in a new direction with Ragnarok, and I was completely on board. I enjoyed the infusion of style and almost all of the humor works.

Love and Thunder goes so far past Ragnarok in every way. So much of it doesn't work for me. So much of the humor is predictable and goofy, to the point of bordering on cartoonish. And there isn't nearly enough serious to balance out the comedy. Combine that with some odd decisions later in the movie and... it kind of feels like they're turning Thor into a joke.

And don't get me started on a repeated joke involving two goats that made me think of Jar Jar. I didn't laugh the first time or the 20 times after.

Other than the comedy, a lot of Love and Thunder doesn't feel fully natural. Something feels off. The action scenes aren't memorable. By comparison, Ragnarok has multiple action scenes that make my jaw drop. There are some beautiful shots, but not nearly as often as the artwork in the previous ones.

But my biggest disappointment is the villain. I don't watch trailers and didn't know Christian Bale is in this movie. He is my favorite actor ever, and has been for the last 15 years. Even with all the amazing talent in this remarkable MCU cast list, IMO Bale stands out above them all. I was ecstatic...

Until I realized he's barely in the movie. He gives a great performance, but the script does not flesh him out, does not explore his character, and in effect, turns him into another forgettable MCU villain. Wasting Bale like this is a horrendous decision...

Especially after an amazing opening scene that made me think this movie might be on a different level. I can only imagine what could have been if 40% of the movie was dedicated to that character. I can only imagine how amazing it would have been if they treated the God Butcher like The Dark Knight treated Joker.

Why couldn't they balance out the serious and the funny? A good example: Guardians 2 is so funny and can get pretty goofy, but it has tons of serious and emotionally powerful scenes. Another example: Deadpool 2 is primarily a comedy but has SO many emotional moments, some to the point of tears.

IMO, Love and Thunder doesn't come close to the last two MCU movies (Multiverse of Madness and No Way Home). As it stands today, this is bottom 3 in the MCU for me.

EDIT: I decided to give this another shot. Sometimes it's easier the second time without the hype and knowing what to expect. But I felt pretty much the same. I enjoyed a lot of it, but the stuff I disliked bothered me just as much.

The two things that stood out to me the second time around, Bale's performance is amazing and they are idiots for underutilizing him. And the goats are the single worst thing in the entire MCU. Changing rating from 6 to 5 stars. (2 viewings, opening Thursday IMAX 7/7/2022, IMAX 7/20/2022)

Bale good, the rest kinda weak.

Fine seems to cover it, Disney has become fine, everything is fine. It has got to the point where if spending your time aimlessly going through your phone for 2+ hours or watching a marvel movie is a bigger waste of time.

Christian bales great performance wasted in a joke of a film.

Christian Bale is great, Russell Crowe has a good moment, Hemsworth is good but this movie cannot be saved from a terrible script, bad direction and stupid humour that overstays its welcome.

Enjoyable but empty

Thor: Love and Thunder does attempt to explore themes of love and loss whilst introducing the Mighty Thor and putting Thor on a journey of self discovery. However, it sadly doesn't work as well as it should due to a rushed pace and way too many jokes that are almost never funny.

Chris Hemsworth is still going strong as Thor but the extreme goofiness is getting a little stale. Natalie Portman has never been better as this character and Tessa Thompson is still great as Valkyrie, even though she doesn't really get much to do.

Taika Waititi massively overstays his welcome as Korg this time, who becomes very annoying really fast. Christian Bale is one of the better MCU villains with a good motivation and an unsettling presence but is let down by limited screen time.

Takia's direction on the other hand is stronger, there's some nice visual imagery and the colour palette is pretty vibrant but the MCU grey is still present throughout sadly. The CG is consistently inconsistent from start to finish.

The music by Michael Giacchino is fine, there's one new theme that's pretty memorable but the lack of Thor's theme is annoying. The soundtrack is really good, all the songs are classics that fit the tone and style well but some could have been used better.

Crash Of A Franchise

Marvel films have never been for a smart audience. But turning a character like Thor and many others into a Clash Of The Titans rom-com really seals the fate of this incarnation of the MCU. There really is nothing new here save for Thors butt, which nobody ever asked for. But serves to show just how low Marvel will go for toilet humor.

Expectations are a terrible thing..

..and yet, this is all so very familiar.

Lots of silly jokes (the goats get old really fast), an average villain plot, and no real stakes at any point. Add the fact that beings die (cheaply) and some just don't (a lot), then powerful Gods that become inconsistently useless for the sake of plot. I'm tired of mediocrity. No amount of colorful scenes will make this work, waititi. The worst part is that it uses stories that were written with buildup, intent and merit for a Comic.. and it feels like they were mushed and summarized onto an average script for the sake of substance. That is not to say Chris and Natalie didn't deliver on the emotional tones! It was the part I enjoyed the most.. But it feels ultimately hollow and unimportant.

It's a decent watch, in the same vein as the first Ant-Man. The masses might like it (although the theater I went to was mostly silent).

You can see naked Thor in the trailer.. so, just wait for the Disney+ release.

Who wrote this garbage?

I am at a loss for words, it is childish but not even that. It is actually hard to put this to words.

IIt is as if they wanted to try and make this a Comedy but did not even know how to make a Comedy. You know those episodes of your favorite TV shows that they tried to make a musical episode and how cringe it was to watch... Well that is the best way I can describe this.

Save your money up for Gas and Groceries and hope Avatar is as good as we all hope.

A light-hearted and fun watch

I sometimes feel like Taika Waititi is wasting his talents making MCU movies when he could be making great original content. But then he does make pretty good MCU movies, so maybe it would be a shame to miss out on those. 'Thor: Love and Thunder' wasn't quite as good as 'Thor: Ragnarok' for me, but it was still a decent watch.

The film is once again very light-hearted. It is certainly going for laughs more than anything else. Consequently the tone is very safe and no one ever feels like they are in much genuine danger. Which is a shame because Christian Bale plays a particularly menacing (at least visually) villain.

There are some fun cameos along the way as usual. The film is pretty well paced too. It doesn't really have a period which I would say dragged. If you enjoyed 'Ragnarok' then you are almost certainly going to have a good time with this one. 7/10.

It's a joke

I feel like I've just watched a movie written by a bunch of school kids. They threw everything funny they could think of against the board and literally forgot everything else that makes a good movie. As a result nothing else in this movie means's a green screen completely detached from reality...