Reviews for Eternals ( ) 3D

IMDB: 6.8 / 10

What a massterpiece

Eternals was a hash movie. A very weak mcu installment. I thought this movie would have been unique. It was it was uniquely hash. I didn't care about any of the characters or even lousy story.

MCU struck out in 2021. Maybe Dr. Strange can end the streak.

Don't watch this hash.

With Marvel movies I learned one thing on here, don't listen to the negative reviewers.

Again a lot of negative reviews on here. Negative reviews from people that will never be satisfied, whatever movie you make they will always bash it down. The funniest of them all is from a reviewer rating it with three stars. He watched it twice! Is that not ridiculous? Watching a movie that you score that low twice? I only watch movies that I really liked twice and Eternals is going to be one of them. The story is interesting, the CGI's stunning, the acting more than decent (but that's absolutely normal when you see the great cast it has). There's clearly going to be a sequel, one that I will watch for sure. I just hope those negative people will skip that one, as it's going to be of the same level. So if you for some obscure reason didn't like Eternals just do us a favor and skip that one and let the Marvel fans enjoy their movies.

Big, ambitious and solidly made

Greetings from Lithuania.

"Eternals" (2021) is big, ambitious movie with big ideas and good execution. The concept which i won't spoil or go into details reminded of me of Ridley Scott's "Prometheus" (2010). Only "Eternals" went way more deep into it. You have to give a kudos to creators for bringing this grand concept to life.

I liked the visual side of "Eternals" very much. This movie looks amazing. Cinematography was gorgeous, special effects were great. Acting was solid but no Oscar will be won here - its just a great cast doing their good jobs. Directing by Chloe Zhao was pretty good for this big of a movie - at the beginning of the movie i kinda felt that its going to be a mess, but soon it picked up and at running time 2 h 25 min this movie was a good watch.

Overall, while far from being best in this franchise, "Eternals" is probably its most ambitious movie in terms of idea and concept. Execution was solid and overall this movie delivered for me.

Should have been a miniseries

I'm quite surprised by the negative reception of this film. I thought it was an interesting stylistic experiment for the MCU and it actually paid off. The slow pace, heady themes and naturalistic locations all made the film feel more dramatic and heavy rather than cheesy entertainment like the other Marvel films. The scope of the story was very well established with a cosmic historical timeline. Each Eternal had their own unique characterisation and backstory and I definitely felt the family dynamic. Karun was a great addition to keep things light.

However, there was too much to cover in one film. While it keeps up a deft juggling act between the past and present, the film somehow felt too long and yet not long enough given the material it had to show. It should have been a miniseries to truly immerse us in the backstories like the romance between Sersi and Ikaris. There were other disappointments as well. The Deviants were a rather forgettable villains and the intelligent one was a wasted opportunity. The backstory of the Deviant's plan doesn't make a whole lot of sense. The combat abilities of the Eternals don't seem very impressive given their cosmic significance.

It's not the worst movie in the Marvel catalogue by any means, but it's a long way from the top tier as well.

Watching people who mostly can't die (eternals) fight each other can be boring

This review has been declined 3 times now. I don't know why, I think it's cos of the real name of Gilgamesh coinciding with an english word.

The whole film was pretty flat, John Snow turned up and said some funny lines, and Gemma Chan was lovely to look at, but there sure was a lot of cheese in this vegan meal of a film. Some terrible 'inspirational' life messages delivered direct to camera that made you cringe with their rhetoric.

It played like it was constructed from a "making big budget films for dummies" book, and they left it at pretty much the bullet points list on the inside cover.

Shoehorn in a Diversity cast that differed greatly from the source material. I do like to see diversity on screen but sometimes it appears over zealous, like this film and comes across as forced and token and works against the world of the film. The Eternals are not from earth at all so no need to tick all the diversity check boxes. Quite the opposite, they should appear with no cultural links at all. They also shoe horned in a sign language eternal, which just made no sense in the world of the Eternals, Why would the massively powerful universe creators create an eternal who couldn't hear or speak and needed to use their hands to communicate? The original comics had Makkari as a Male who has a relationship with Sersi, in fact many of the original Eternals are male. I'm all for positive representations on a diverse society, but this casting choice just came across as weird as far as the film's story was concerned.

Slot in an ex boy band debut as an actor - Check!

My eyes rolled back into my head when that happened. Big budget movie making by the numbers.

I don't know quite where the problem was. Chloé Zhao's direction by committee choices? It wasn't all bad, there was some decent acting, particularly Barry Keoghan who's character seemed complex, but,... even so it was roped in and never went anywhere. Gilgamesh also was good, until he was dispatched easily.

Then they started fighting each other, and they're Eternals and can't die, except when it's convenient to move the plot along. It got boring really quickly.

Worst MCU film ever

Following the events of Avengers: Endgame (2019), an unexpected tragedy forces the Eternals, ancient aliens who have been living on Earth in secret for thousands of years, out of the shadows to reunite against mankind's most ancient enemy, the Deviants.

This film is by far the worst MCU film I have watch. It's massive insuylt to the comics from the Jack Kirby days. Gender swapping some of the eternals, bad story telling which makes absolutely no sense, unlikeable characters, little to no action and ridicules changes to the MCU just sum up how bad this film. Completely ruined Endgame

The only goods were the music and the CGI for Arishen as well as bonus points for being voiced by David Kaye.

Other then that it's just not a good movie makes both Captain Marvel and Iron Man 3 look good.

Eternally making Marvel movies.

The fact that 'Eternals (2021)' doesn't feel like a Marvel movie isn't an inherently good or bad thing. To me, it feels more distinct than most of the studio's other fare, but it isn't as entertaining. As a whole, the thing just feels a bit flat. It's messy, overly portentous and filled with some pretty baffling choices. Chief among these is the decision to have one of its characters straight-up disappear from the finale for no real reason, only to rear his head again just before the piece comes to a close. The ending (which includes two post-credits stings) is incredibly disappointing, evoking the exact opposite of its intended effect. There are plenty of other plot problems, too. They pale in comparison to the fact that most of the movie just feels fairly lifeless, though. It's pretty dull, to be honest. That being said, it does have its merits. Firstly, the cast are all really good despite the fact that they don't have much to work with. Ma Dong-Seok (here credited as Don Lee) is the obvious highlight, though he's criminally underused. Secondly, there are a handful of scenes which start to properly explore the interesting concepts inherent to the heroes' long-lasting lifespans. Unsurprisingly, the best of these involve actual conflict between the core characters and portray each player's different outlook on their unique situation. Sadly, most characters lack chemistry with one another and often seem isolated from the other people that share the frame with them. They aren't allowed to properly come to life, which is one of the biggest reasons that the piece just isn't all that compelling; we have nobody to care about. This also means that the movie feels as though it lacks real stakes, even though it's literally the entire Earth that's in danger. Without a character to latch onto, we simply don't give a second thought to the humans our heroes are trying to save. However, the feature is visually pleasing overall. The cinematography is suitably 'epic' and the various locations are presented with bold colours and distinct architecture. There are also a couple of entertaining, if slightly intangible, action sequences. The best of these, which is also the best portion of the entire affair, is a mid-point battle set in a remote village. For the most part, though, even the set-pieces fall short of the mark. Overall, this is a pretty disappointing film. It has a strange structure, a sloppy story and generally just feels a bit off. It's far too long, yet somehow not long enough; it would've been much better served as a mini-series. It has its moments, but it just isn't all that good. 5/10.

Fairly shallow Marvel experience...

Another year, another Marvel Studios superhero movie, right? Well, so it would seem. I had only vaguely heard about "Eternals" prior to sitting down to watch it. But then again, superhero movies isn't exactly my primary go-to-movie choice. But yeah, I do watch them if given the chance, as Marvel Studios does churn out movies that are fun enough if for nothing else then for the amazing CGI.

And that was the case with the 2021 movie "Eternals" from writers Chloé Zhao, Patrick Burleigh, Ryan Firpo and Kaz Firpo. This movie was all flash and bang and no proper contents. It was all essentially just pointless eye-candy.

For me, then we are talking about a swing and a miss for Marvel Studios with the 2021 superhero movie "Eternals". When the movie ended, I was left with an overwhelming sensation of 'what did I just waste two and a half hours on watching?'. And I was also left with a sense of none of the characters portrayed in the story had any significance or backstory. You might as well replace them with mannequins and still end up with the same movie result.

You would assume that with a cast ensemble that included the likes of Gemma Chan, Angelina Jolie, Salma Hayek, Kit Harington and Lauren Ridloff among others, that you would be in for a stellar movie experience. But nay, director Chloé Zhao didn't rise to the occasion to deliver a wholesome and entertaining superhero movie. Nope, this was a lukewarm movie at best.

The total absence of properly written characters and character development throughout the two and a half hours of runtime was just atrocious to witness. And it totally turned the movie into a shallow experience. Yet, I managed to sit through it, but believe you me, this is not a movie that I will ever be returning to watch a second time. There were so many characters to keep track off, yet none of them had any properly written backstory, character traits, personalities or anything, so they just sort of blended into one singular faceless mass. And hence, I didn't care one bit about any of the hero characters, because they were about as interesting as mannequins.

"Eternals" was pure and simply just eye-candy in term of entertainment value. The storyline would have been more interesting if the story had interesting characters, subplots, etc., but there was no such thing going on here.

Sure, I am by no account a fan of the superhero genre, but watch the movie regardless, but "Eternals" was definitely among the top contenders for being among the most pointless and boring of superhero movies.

My rating of "Eternals" lands on a three out of ten stars.

hard to connect

The Eternals are immortals created to eliminate the destructive Deviants. 7000 years ago, ten Eternals were sent to Earth. They were able to eliminate the last Deviant 500 years ago and have been waiting to go home ever since.

This is a reach for the MCU franchise. I like the audacity but there are issues with the execution. I do like the style and the visual but I find the characters hard to connect with. They are god-like creatures trying to pass as humans. There is something compelling in that but the characters never fully find their human level. There is barrier to these characters that the film is unable to breach. In addition, Angelina Jolie is too distracting in this role. I like Gemma Chan but maybe she should play Thena. Sersi needs an ingenue with star power. In the end, this is a tougher premise to execute than most and the film struggles to give it a human scale.

one boring trip, I stopped after one hour

And then magic happened, Eternals on Disney streaming. Another entry in the Marvel world. And have seen enough trailers I was ready for it, it looked great but...

...after one hour I turned this off. On part of the effects it all looked great but what the hell about the story and characters. It's all one boring mess. Nothing happens and when things happens I was thinking, okay, is this it? Fighting against CGI creatures. Not that I have a thing against CGI creatures but it was all lame.

The beginning was okay with the history of the world but then it just became one boring love story and as one said, a lifeless flick.

How much I tried, It won't stick for eternal in my mind.

Gore 0/5Nudity 0/5Effects 4/5Story 2/5Comedy 0/5.

Most boring supers ever

I can understand Marvel wanting to expand its universe; all you have to do is look at the dollars to understand it. But, the thing about superheroes, they have to be super beyond their powers. I didn't know anything about these characters and frankly after watching this movie I don't want to know anymore. I thought Justice league and Batman versus Superman were bad. But nothing has been as boring as this movie. It's cheesy and preachy with no interesting characters except Sprite and the Deviant. I think they may need to stop cause superhero overload can cause bad movie making decisions.

for the fans and all...

About the marvel superhero universe, and my universal vision is that there aint much twist in the goodybag, they tend to last too long and the plotspeed unbelievably slow, the scripted dialouges are itchingly irritatingly bad and expected and the grumpy old men like me strives to stay awake through 150 minutes...i'm not over excited by the choice of cast, and the casts delivery that seems like stumbling and commanded at moments, and that may also be due to bad ''taken water over thy head'' direction. I do also react that they do not use indeginous peoble like a samii or an aborigin actor in the superhero idea to follow up?

But some things are good, vfx and cgi do make this a viewable encounter, the score is good, and the hindi-punjabi insertions of ''birdie num num'' comedy made me smile inbetween. So if you have a wooden club that you cut notches in for each superhero movie you have seen, then its a go for it.for us norwals ill recommend a try but not more than that...

100% Gross Garbage

About: A group of superpowered beings have celestial issues and must defeat the deviants

Story: It's all over the place. The feel is very different from most MCU films.

Production: It's like a lemon. Looks great but is overall lackluster. Sprite was my favourite Eternal, and he/she was vastly turned into a millennial. Sprites Story was overall garbage. No other character stood out to me. They were all mostly dull or gross.

The jokes were tremendous. Who wrote these bad jokes? Gosh, they were bad.

Plus some of their garments looked CGI. Why? They look similar to the Asgardians, so why were they CGI'd? Did the costume designers get laid off?

Highlight: Nothing

Main intelligent: 1

Grossness Level: 10. This is the worse I've seen.

Should you watch? No. When I first saw the trailers, I thought this would have been a dull movie. Then I thought, maybe this one will be different from the rest. Yes it's different somewhat but this movies are filled with grossness. It's very rusty.

I would not let children watch this because it's boring, and they'll become compromised. It gets a 2 because its very different from other marvel films. It's still a Filthy movie.

I gave it a shot

Well, I gave it a shot. Everything bad thing you have heard about this movie is TRUE. You care ZERO about the characters. Its like the writers and director were focusing on.......other things they thought were more important instead of good story telling, a good script, etc...

I'm not sure what happened to Marvel, but what ever has happened to them lately they need to get it right quickly....most of their movies lately have been horrible.

DISNEY needs to wake up, I am canceling my service with them until they change course.


I've read several critical reviews applauding this film, however having sat through it twice I have to point out that this is a very poor film.

Almost two and a half hours long, and every single minute of this film was an effort. How on Earth did they think this would appeal?

It's a lifeless watch, it rambles along at a torturous pace, and sadly half the cast seem totally disinterested, giving very wooden performances.

Special effects vary, some look good, some look very poor, when you look at the budget this film had, it should have looked flawless, it doesn't.

I love Gemma Chan and Richard Madden, but neither of them look totally at home here, I only hope this turkey of a movie doesn't halt either career.

I don't think a second will follow somehow.

Awful sadly, I did give it a second watch to be sure, but there you are, it's a shocker, 3/10.

Definitely the MCU's weakest movie

Eternals had the potential to be a real standout film from the crowd, but it missed out on breaking ranks from its franchise's long-held cliches like 'action scene then funny one-liner' moments that don't feel like character moments anymore, but 'creative mandates' imposed by the studio.

It's a BIG movie, so big that it's got too many stories for it's single-movie outline and all these brand-spanking-new characters who desperately needed more character development outside Eternal's 2 and ? hour runtime. This movie is a 'beautifully made mess': and it's bound to be 'retconned' with a throwaway line of dialogue (or with some jokes) in one of the next Avengers movies like Thor 2 was in Ragnarok.

Eternals gets 2/5 stars. It tries to stand out, but it's ultimately more of the same.


Trying to be "deep", the director uses some long shots (or longer than usual in the MCU) here and there, less frenetic editing here and there, and less Marvel humor (there is enough though), in a thing that turned to be a really, really bad experiment. Valient effort though?

In the end, none of that matters that much because the biggest problems with the movie are the simple things: way too many characters, all flat and not particularly interesting (maybe because there is not time to develop them); the interpretations from the important ones, the leads, robotic and soulless; the story told in unnecessary back and forth, maybe as an attempt to make it seem more complex than it was, and not letting the movie to get into any rhythm; and finally, contrary to what I read a lot, the special effects and the desings of the powers and suits and the actions scenes, all just bad, simple or with awful CGI (or a combination of those).

Other than that, it was great(?)

Magnificent to look but it's pretty much lifeless with boring actors playing boring characters

Chloé Zhao's direction gives Marvel Cinematic Universe a much needed breath of fresh air, but 'Eternals' doesn't quite come together. Despite the fact the film claims to have a far more thought-provoking theme and a plethora of philosophical concepts, it fails to elaborate on them sufficiently to create a more compelling experience. The movie is still magnificent to look but it's pretty much lifeless with boring actors playing boring characters.

Long drawn out superhero film that spans time and ages!

Not the greatest "Marvel" movie fan yet I gave "Eternals" a try even though never really hearing about it or reading the comics, and was not real impressed as the movie went back and fourth thru the ages and time as the group of Eternals were always fighting evil and the movie was a showcase of love and family like feel. It was an eye candy watch for seeing the hot and sexy Gemma Chan and Salma Hayek as immortals Sersi and Ajak as both were healers and watchers of the group. Overall my interest came and went the film for one was to long and drawn out as the message could have been shorter. Still I guess a watch if your a Marvel movie fan, and the look of Gemma Chan and Salma Hayek as superheroes was sexy and impressive.

This is worth watching and has some redeeming elements but is up there with Captain Marvel as one of the worst films from the Marvel universe in some time

Eternals (2021) is a movie my wife and I caught in theatres its opening weekend. The movie tells the tale of Eternal beings sent to Earth to protect it from entities known as deviants. Once they rid the world of deviants they live relatively normal lives among the humans who are now able to flourish. However, when deviants return to the Earth's surface the Eternals will need to get back together to protect humanity and uncover why they've returned.

This movie is directed by Chloé Zhao (Nomadland) and stars Gemma Chan (Crazy Rich Asian), Angelina Jolie (Tomb Raider), Salma Hayek (Dusk till Dawn), Richard Madden (Game of Thrones), Kit Harington (Game of Thrones), Kumail Nanjiani (Stuber), Brian Tyree Henry (Hotel Artemis), Barry Keoghan (The Green Knight) and Bill Skarsg?rd (IT).

This was an extremely uneven movie. There are so many unique characters, elements and worthwhile conversations and topics. The CGI and action sequences are crisp and well done and the villain(s) are solid. There are also aspects of the storyline that dragged, characters that were painfully ripped off from the DC universe and decision made by key characters that make you slap your head and didn't feel realistic with the wisdom and perspectives of the Eternals.

Overall this is worth watching and has some redeeming elements but is up there with Captain Marvel as one of the worst films from the Marvel universe in some time. This also did not need to be almost 2 hours and 30 minutes long. I would score this a 5/10.