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IMDB: 8.9 / 10

Still nice to see the inside of Harry Potter Saga

A nice inside of the movies and to hear of some stories on set and some things that we may not be aware of the movies. I enjoyed it even if its only talking and memories. It was great to hear and to know some stories.

Waste of time

Only watch this if you are a hardcore Harry Potter fan. If you are like myself and just enjoyed the films, this reunion is a waste of time. Seriously, I need to stop watching these pointless reunion things.

Perfect nostalgia trip

It's been some time since I've revisited the Harry Potter movies but I have watched all of them multiple times. I remember as a kid waiting each year for the films to come out on the Pogo channel and watch it. Being a few years younger than the main cast, I really grew up with these films and have an affection towards them unlike anything else.

This 20th anniversary special is a perfect reminder of the nostalgia I have for the franchise. There is a lot of stuff in this that could have been different and it kind of feels like they took a safer approach to cash in on the nostalgia but I'm all in for it. The clips shown throughout it was a constant reminder of how magical the films really were. How well made and endearing they still are and how it will stay in the mind of the people for years.

This will be a nostalgia trip for all those who love Harry Potter and know what to expect when this was announced.

They also chose the perfect clip to end it. A scene that I have issues with because of how certain characters are viewed in the fandom but still a touching scene that was perfect for this.

I need "Harry Potter movies maraphon" again

Better than "Friends" union i think. Maybe i grow up with Harry Potter movies :) I remember first time my dad rent a VHS (1st Harry Potter movie). I didn't know anything about H. P books. At that time my country was getting developing. New books weren't much enough. Even i read all the book when i was 26 ;) Cinemas closed at that time. Anyway i watched with my beer. It's was nostaljic. I like it. I need "Harry Potter movies maraphon" again :)


I just watched Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts, and there was many things I didn't know about the films, but there was many friendships 20 years ago that they're family now. The retrospective special brings together Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Rupert Grint and many more in celebration of the franchise that first hit theaters in 2001. A shot of Daniel Radcliffe walking down Diagon Alley en route to meet director Chris Columbus feels, for a moment, like a glimpse of Harry all grown up. Emma Watson and Rupert Grint have a heart-to-heart by the Gryffindor fireplace, while Matthew Lewis, Tom Felton and Alfred Enoch reminisce over gilded champagne flutes at Gringotts. There's something to be said for how sweet it is simply to see these people and places all together again. But, once again, it's that earnest appreciation for each other that keeps it all together. Even the "proper" British actors that Radcliffe watched and learned from throughout his tenure as the Boy Who Lived couldn't have faked that. As cynical as some of the production choices might be when it comes to evoking old feelings, there's a real heart here, even after all those years. For Alan


Could have been much longer

Really enjoyed it! Sappy, but I grew up with these movies and I was ready to have my heartstrings tugged. Great interview locations, attention to detail etc. Would have maybe liked to see less splicing of conversations, but sometimes it was necesary due to the way they catergorized the various phases of the decade of filming. I wish each section was a 45 minute episode, but that might just be the hardcore fan in me.

To the people saying it was good Rowling wasn't included more than she already was because she would have been "distracting" etc... you are nuts. She invented this world. They're talking about a series of films based on books she wrote. I dont give a damn what you think about her politics, they are her views and she is entitled to them. I think she should have had interactive interviews. Hundreds of people owe her for their careers.

Very well organized

A whole series is divided into three parts: childhood, teenager, and adulthood. Chronological order and this division help audience follow easily and smoothly to the point of no distinction between present and past. I was traveling along the time and reminiscing about what I was doing at the time of release of each movie. And production design and setting.... Wow they really bring all the memories back.

* Guests are well selected and presented at the exact right moment as well.

Surprisingly Endearing To Even The Simplest Potter Fans

I'm no Potter-head, so to speak, by any stretch of the imagination. I've read all the books once, watched all the movies once--and that's about it. As such, I'm often a bit overwhelmed or overmatched by some of the more intense Potter fandom properties. Fortunately, I found this 20th anniversary celebration to be perfectly calibrated to my sort of HP experience!

For a very basic overview, this special is equal parts nostalgic retrospection on clips from the films, and recent interviews with some of the main (most recognizable) cast members. The triumvirate of Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint, & Emma Watson are the most frequent contributors, with Ralph Fiennes, Gary Oldman, Robbie Coltrane, Helena Bonham Carter, basically the entire "Weasley clan", and others popping by to chat about their experiences both on and off set during the making of the films.

Even as a more casual fan of the property, it is clear that Harry Potter books/films have had a tremendous impact on popular culture. In that sense--and along the lines of the Friends TV show reunion that drew up the template for this sort of thing--the actors and participants (and fans!) very much deserved this retrospective. In other words, it has the gravitas to pull it off.

It's obvious right away that Warner Brothers spared no expense when putting this together. The sets are immaculate (mirroring settings from the films) and the whole thing has an extremely high production value, from the clips to the interviews to the music and the voiceovers. First-class all the way.

The hallmarks of this reunion special, though, are the sometimes-emotional, sometimes-hilarious interviews! The leading trio have some wonderful moments together, but then each interact with others from the cast in unique ways. Moments with some of the films' directors are especially well-done in this respect. There were times I found myself belly-laughing; other times trying (and failing) to hold back tears.

The only notable absence here is original author J. K. Rowling, almost certainly due to her political spats of late. Though not present in the flesh (almost certainly a good thing if only for the distraction her presence would have caused), she is mentioned frequently and archived interviews seen numerous times. Rest assured, her presence was not entirely removed or anything like that. A good balance considering the circumstances.

Overall, I was a little worried about being overwhelmed by Potter minutiae from "Return to Hogwarts". But instead I found a delightfully entertaining little trip down memory lane, while at the same time catching up with the present-day actors/directors/filmmakers who made it all possible. Whether you are a novice Potter fan or can win HP trivia contests, I think you'll enjoy this!

CHEER! - (9 stars out of 10)

The stage curtains open ...

Has it really been 20 years since the first movie came out? Really? Wow. It doesn't even feel like it. I am, like most everybody, a huge fan of the movies and the books in the world of Harry Potter. So, when I saw this 20th Anniversary Special come out, I was both excited and surprised - not surprised that one came out, but surprised that it has already been 20 years. I was hoping for a fun look back through the years, and I got that ... and more.

Our "Return to Hogwarts" was more than just through the insiteful interviews and memories of our various cast members throughout the series, but we also return to the set pieces of the Harry Potter movies, where most of the interviews were conducted. It was all inclusive as we got appearances from the directors, cast, and some archived footage of J. K. Rowling as well. Apparently, Rowling was invited to participate in the event, but she declined stating that the archival footage would be adequate. (So, everybody just needs to chill ... she chose not to be involved.) We get to re-live those films through the eyes and memories of Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, and Rupert Grint - whose names have gotten to be synonymous with Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, and Ron Weasley.

We also get a wonderful nod to those who've unfortunately passed away in the years since, commemorating their invaluable contributions to the movies. Everyone had a fun time talking and reminiscing with each other and towards the end, it pulls at your heartstrings with some very poignant and touching moments. It really gives the feeling of being included in a family that will always be there for you.

The production values were very high - it wasn't just something they threw together. Everyone dressed up for it. Great time, care and effort were put into the making of this special event. Having it on the set of the Harry Potter movies was a stroke of genious. It was clear to me just how important these films were for them, how impactful, as everyone's lives were changed with the advent of Harry Potter. I loved watching this - it really took me back to a wondeful time. A very high recommend at 9 stars out of 10.

How can JKR be excluded from this?

Harry Potter movie fan, and having actually read what JKR have written and what all the "attackers" have written, i really do not get how she can have been excluded from this.

Shame on whoever found that to be ok.

That the producers and actors that made their career and life because of her work, would want to be in this, are even more shameful.

And then they cut in old clips or something of JKR with a black background.. looked like trash, and probably this was their idea.

Needed JK Rowling

The magical world of Harry Potter was the brain child of Rowling. Many of the entitled cast members who owe their fame and fortune to Rowling threw her under the bus to save themselves. This show needed her.

Nostalgic reunion with pure joy and respect for each other

As a casual fan, i was enlightened by mesmerizing cast interviews and their own life-changing moments. Dan-Emma-Rupert brought such nostalgic reunion with pure joy and respect for each other. Some should be relieved that J. K. Rowling was non-factor here.

Too much Emma Watson

And no J. K. Rowling.


None of the cast would be anywhere without Rowling. Everyone knows that she was excluded because of her supposedly controversial opinions. How disgraceful to not include her.

Other than that, it was all nice, emotional, but felt rather contrived. Again, way too much Emma. Oh, and why is it okay to include Emma when she's free to voice her opinions everywhere, but not Rowling? It's a rhetorical question. I know the answer.

A Reunion

Some cast getting back together sharing and reliving their memories. J. K. Rowling is also here but only for a brief and doesn't add much to it. It's what expected from a reunion and you're bound to enjoyed it more if you're a fan of Harry Potter.

A fun, feel-good, teary-eyed throwback to the HP film series! [+80%]

This reunion show pretty much encapsulates everything we've loved about the magical world of Harry Potter. Through candid conversations and interviews featuring the franchise's brilliant ensemble cast and directors, the 1h 43m special is indeed a wholesome nostalgic treat. I've read all the books and watched all the films but never held the universe too close to my heart as many friends and peers did. That being said, I am a massive fan of the third installment (directed by Alfonso Cuaron) as well as the last one (directed by David Yates) - and I'm glad the show dug into the lesser-known details of both films. Azkaban took a pretty dark turn thematically and stylistically, and it was also when the child actors came of age. Deathly Hallows 2 was an absolute beast of a film, relentless in its action and gratifying in its emotional closure.

Since the show tackles events chronologically, the weepy finale was really no surprise. But it is such a joy to see the wonderful camaraderie between the actors who played characters we still adore and relate to on so many levels. The lead trio even happily admits that these films literally made them. The franchise saw the birth of several talents both on and behind the screen while offering seasoned performers unforgettable roles. After seeing this, I'd happily sign up to see something similar with the cast and crew of MCU's Avengers in the future. These pop-culture franchises will always occupy a distinct space in our heads!

A Reunion

Some cast getting back together sharing and reliving their memories. J. K. Rowling is also here but only for a brief and doesn't add much to it. It's what expected from a reunion and you're bound to enjoyed it more if you're a fan of Harry Potter.

A blast to the past

I never knew that I would enjoy watching a documentary about another film before but wow. Though I started watching this on a whim just to see what the hype was all about, I have come to love it. Through this, I was able to revisit the films and see it in a new light, a new angle that I was not exposed to before, seeing the thoughts and feeling of the directors, casts, etc. That really opened my eyes to not only what happened in the film, but also the thoughts behind the major decisions, the interactions behind the casts and so much more. It gave me that heart warming feeling seeing all these familiar faces once again.

There's just one thing, and it may just be me having a cynical look about it, but sometimes what they said just sounds a little too good to be true. I'll not spoil it but realistically speaking it couldn't have been all fun and laughter can it? Yea they dabbled a little into these areas but it was as if they left a very big rock unturned. True, it would probably spoil the magic that is Harry Potter, but I'll take the truth over a carefully constructed version of reality. But hey, they may very well have been telling the truth the whole time and if so, that's really great.

All in all, if you're a fan of the series, this is one that you'll really enjoy.

Could have been perfect...

The one thing that ruined this otherwise amazing reunion of the original Harry Potter cast, was the glaring omission of JK Rowling. It would be intellectual dishonesty of the highest order to say that she WAS included because of the clips inserted from a previous interview. This admission was made all the more glaring by the disclaimer in the upper right hand corner of the frame reminding viewers that JK Rowling's segments were recorded in 2019. I can see this as nothing more than another black listing by the LGBT Mafia who's power seems to be all encompassing in the entertainment industry worldwide. To leave out the very woman without whom none of this amazing world would have even existed, is a huge slap in the face to Potter fans everywhere!

Well... I dunno....

Loved to see how everyone looks now (Matthew Lewis is crazy hot). I've seen other "making of" type series of the films and this felt exactly the same. There was nothing new except for the reunions of the actors. I wish more off the big name adult actors would have taken part in this.

It traveled us back in time...

"Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts" is a TV Special in which we watch some of the cast of the "Harry Potter" franchise celebrating the 20th Anniversary since the release of the first "Harry Potter" movie. There are plenty of interviews and conversations that gives us many insights about the movies.

I enjoyed this TV Special very much and I have to admit that I was expecting it anxiously. The combination of the insights that were presented with the cast interviews and all the information given by them, made us understand and see the "Harry Potter" franchise form a different perspective. I also liked the way the cast members talked about the show and the presentation of many behind the scenes moments along with some emotional moments. The direction which was made by Eran Creevy, Joe Pearlman and Giorgio Testi was simply amazing and they succeed on traveled us back in time and have the same feeling as the first time watching the Harry Potter and his friends walking at Hogwarts. Finally, I have to say that "Harry Potter 20th Anniversary: Return to Hogwarts" is an amazing TV show and I highly recommend everyone to watch it, especially all "Harry Potter" fans.