Reviews for Amador ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.7 / 10

Good if you watch it at 1.5 speed

Otherwise it gets too long - love the mixing of death/birth/marriage issues and specially the bonding a shared secret can create.

Poetic, beautiful, brilliant, sad, funny, and moving

Amador is a a tale about love, death, life, hope, and change. Brilliantly written and directed by Fernando León de Aranoa, the film has an outstanding leading cast (Magaly Solier and Celso Bugallo) and beautiful music. Besides the sadness and despair, Fernando León de Aranoa manages, as always, to paint the film with humor and hope. Poetic, beautiful, brilliant, sad, funny, and moving. Masterpiece. 10 / 10

basic story

about solitude, flowers, life sense, hope as heart of interior fight. a young woman, an old man, a church,a Thursday special secret cure,friend a house. and slices , like the clouds, of silence. nothing else. all - as a puzzle. or just a delicate - profound parable, drawing of gestures and thinks, dream of a next existence. in fact, it is only picture of a state of mind. seed. ladder. all - as skin and respiration for magnificent , touching, powerful is a kind of confession. collection of letters, speech, photo crumbs. testimony. about small elementary things. and, maybe, cloth for fairy tale. about a Cinderella for who the future is the perfect Charming Prince.

For the corpse, flowers will grow

A South American immigrant, an unfaithful boyfriend, a prostitute at the end of her carrier, an old man left to rest, by his family, till the death comes an takes her prize. All this characters coexist in a very bizarre, yet simple and believable way. These are the characters that we see across our daily routine, transposed, from reality to fiction, without losing any of their authenticity.

Flowers celebrate life, love and death, and connect both the ends of the limited and closed interval where we stand. The flowers are the most visible and important adornment in this film. Even though they are natural flowers, they need some help to intensify their perfume. Reference, perhaps, to the constant element of artificiality in our lives. Reference to the art of pretending.

The film has a constant and intense summer light. It flows from brief moments of joy and humor to introspection. Dialogues of simple minds, that reach well under the surface of the common places.

This is a simple story, told magnificently.