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IMDB: 7 / 10

As a true Marvel fan I was pleasantly surprised by DC

As a certified Marvel fan, I have never been overly impressed by DC. I decided to give this a watch out of sheer boredom and I was extremely surprised. The film was really good.

Action-packed throughout, so I never had a chance to get bored. The CGI was pretty good, and even the humour injected into scenes were as intended - funny (but thankfully without being corny).

Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam was believable and executed perfectly. I didn't know anything about the character Black Adam prior to watching, but I really liked him! Probably because he has qualities like me: No nonsense, straight talking and just wants to get on with it and get the job done. Even so, I would've liked to see just a tad more personality which was lacking.

Although the story could've taken more risk and lacked some depth it was entertaining and fast-paced.

Overall a decent superhero film.

WAY Better than expected... Great action movie!!

Reel Tunez - The Radio Show All About the Movies... Movie Review (11/2022): "Black Adam" starring Dwayne Johnson, Pierce Brosnan, and Aldis Hodge.

I didn't have much expectation for this DC Comic movie.. but holy cow, what a show!! It's an adventure/super hero type of movie with a ton of action. Johnson was great.. but Pierce Brosnan was awesome in his role as Dr. Fate. It's a cool movie because it's set in another land, but also starts in a different time. It's such an interesting movie because it just feels like it covers numerous genres of films.

Acting was very good.. and no shortage of action.

I'd give this a solid 7 out of 10 starts. Definitely a BIG screen movie!! See it on the big screen because it's visually exciting and deserves to be "experienced"!

While some people seem to rate a very good movie a 10 on IMDB (which always makes me wonder what a REAL film classic is if a movie like this is a 10), a 7 in my book is a very high rating. This is definitely worth seeing!!

Decent action flick, but could've been made better with an R rating

One of DC's better anti-heroes unfortunately gets the same treatment as Snyder's Justice League. I presume originally a 4hr long movie, reduced to 2hrs and leaving most of the audience who likely doesn't have any insight or prior knowledge of the Justice Society, Dr. Fate, Hawkman, etc clueless as to who comprises the protagonist mash up. Johnson does a good job of conveying the internal struggle and motivation of Teth Adam, but the film doesn't do a good job of explaining how he and Shazam both exist at the same time in the same universe. It also doesn't explain who bestowed the power to the wizards to be given to a champion. We're dumped in a timeline 5000 years ago, and told about a mythical location in dire straits by an oppressive ruler. That bleeds over to modern day to set up our villain arc. Going by the comics, we should've at least had some interaction or plot with Egyptians and their gods, but nada. Major let down.

Leading us head first into plot, we're given the Justice Society, which may as well be the Justice league of B-list heroes. Pretty underwhelming. If you don't know Dr. Fate and company, you're going to be confused. There's little to no backstory on them or their previous adventures, or their reason for being. There's also no reason given as to why the Justice League isn't the one responding to the crisis either. The child actor in this is awful. His voice is terrible, especially when he shouts, acting is not convincing, and I was hoping they'd take him off screen for an extended period, but he was with us pretty much the whole way. Was this the best child actor they could find...?

Best part about the whole movie? Johnson never once does the eyebrow thing in this movie, thankfully.

All in all, good action flick, borderline gore but maintains its PG-13 rating. The best part is the end credits scene. Personally, a sequel isn't needed.


The plot is very predictable. As soon as the guys came out, you know who's the bad guy and what's going to happen. He's eventually going to get that crown and our hero is going to beat him. This might sound like a spoiler but when you watch the movie, you already know what's going to happen next and it's exactly what you think would happen. The acting is awkward. Many lines were forced. The camera work isn't quite there yet. In that I mean there is a shot where the hawk guy says we need Adam to do it, but then he's already gone, and before the audience can react to it the movie already cut to the next scene with loud music and action sequences. It lacks clarity in telling you what's going on. And what's up with all the zombies? They like making zombie movie? Well this feels like a B-movie quality plot. I can't believe they even made this movie this bad. The music in itself is okay but the way they pair it with the visuals just make everything a noise rather than a piece to enjoy.

Another Dwayne Johnson Movie

If you're looking for constant, never-stops action, a high body count, a typical Dwayne Johnson character that's exactly like all other characters he plays, and a hefty hunk of Satanism thrown in (at the very end, to make sure everyone is already hooked), this is the movie for you.

I'm sure there are a lot of comic boys and The Rock fans who will just love this movie. But seriously, the director didn't make any effort at all to have Johnson portray a bit different character than he always plays.

The story is ho hum and highly predictable. The redeeming factor is that we get to see characters we don't ordinarily see: Doctor Fate, Cyclone, a really kick-tail Hawkman, and Atom Smasher (although why they even put that character in the film is a head scratcher).

The CGI of course is incredible. The story isn't stoopid, so there's that. But it's also not very impressive. We went in expecting a comic book movie, and that's what we got.

I had been hoping for something a little different, an anti-hero that gave a different feel to the whole film. But Dwayne simply can't help being fun ad charming. I was expecting a character that makes Batman look like Mr. Rodgers but nope. Typical super hero flick (oh wait, "I'm not a hero." We can't forget that).

Ah well, it's another fix for the adrenaline junkies. ; )

Laughably bad

Was this script the result of a 5th grade class project?

It starts with some of the weakest, most contrived world-building I've seen. Moves to some appalling acting, from various children and bad guys especially. This gets compounded by some of the worst dialogue since George Lucas last wrote a screenplay.

And it just continues to get worse from there.

Now I usually enjoy the dumbest nonsense that Dwayne Johnson stars in. Even Skyscraper, Rampage & San Andreas were watchable, despite being dreadful movies. But there is no saving this one.

This latest poor effort from DC makes the most braindead Fast & Furious entry look like Shakespeare.

Looking at the director's previous credits it should come as no surprise that this movie is just plain bad.

WWE has more story than this movie.

This is like watching Avengers without knowing who is Iron Man, Thor, Hulk, Loki and why would we care for them or hate them.

The country is overrun by imperialist people, most likely American and for years Justice Society of America was like, yay, no problem, you go ahead. You know because Justice Society of America receive funding from American government who gets money from this imperial people.

But out of nowhere some woman remembered, "Oh Wait, there is this crown and champion" after 5000 years and knew the exact place and language to awake Adam and find the crown.

As soon as champion awake, Justice Society of AMERICA is like, we should treat everyone equally and everyone should be taken to court.

If some random woman knew that the crown will raise hell, why did she find the crown in first place?

Is Kahandan like ISIS where people are terrorist or it is like country of innocents. They put a boy to show the innocence in the movie.

Nope! To much talking boys and girls ruining this!

The first 29 minutes or so: ok, very much action. Then, too much talking, everything gets somewhat to much talky, girl, boy stuff. I just had to stop watching.

Could have been a great movie, promising first moves of the rock, ruined by the ridiculous rest.

It seemed almost badly comical for some moments like unwanted comical (like the nose of that helmet) etc. I could go on, but it is not worth it as is this movie not worth the time watching in my humble opinion. I just have to fill another 100 or so chars to complete this review, i do remember, that the limitation was raised somehwat, so that people refrain from commenting.

Juvenile !!!

This movie is solely for kids and teens, the rest of us would find the characters, dialogues and concept cheesy at best. With the more established super heroes there is a margin of believability we would like to have. Here with Black Adam it is all fantasy and so you never connect with these heroes and their ridiculous powers. Sole dependance on CGI to make a movie is not a great strategy. Dwayne, besides displaying his bulk there wasn't much to like about the Black Adam. I don't know how Pierce Brosnan got roped in, but he looked as out of place as Jim Carrey would look in an action movie. It was almost like he was there as a spoof to all superheroes. While the Atom Smasher guy's uniform looked almost identical to Deadpool and his growing into a giant looks just like what Antman does. Feel sorry for DC as they are desperately trying to compete with Marvel and losing terribly. I don't see this movie growing into a franchise as Dwayne Johnson would lose all credibility as an action heroe if he continues with this drivel.

Absolute garbage

Tragic cinema for brainless people. They even managed to destroy the imagination. Absolute garbage of American stupidity and a cheap copy of other better movies. Fortunately, when we download movies, we can also delete them with a simple tap. This garbage is not even worth seeing.

Glad we don't pay for this garbage anymore.

This movie was so bad that it's not even worth a review, except to say no acting, all CGI, must be desperate for an income, else can't explain why Dwayne would put his name to it.

This movie is just overwhelmingly storyless action, watch it at home and don't pay attention to it but don't rate it any higher than what it is. They are stupidly force marketing the movie and think they can fool audience.

Goofy and cheesy addition to the "Injustice" game series

Honestly, large parts of BLACK ADAM seem like they are cinematics from a hypothetical INJUSTICE game. Rubbery, bad CGI in fights with some cool moments. And it's all fine - until you realize that you don't have a controller in your hands.

BLACK ADAM tries to be a darker anti-hero story, but it only succeeds in displaying lots of money being burnt on screen. A cheesy script with cheesy direction and cheesy acting and a very bad score - desperately trying to get your attention with cheesy CGI.

Now, there's some nice and cool moments in this, but unfortunately, they don't make up for the horribly bad moments. Just think about an ancient culture, maybe even the oldest one on this planet - and they had some guy with a goofy lightning logo on his chest as their "champion". Right.

Add a very generic score with insufferable "beats", and you get a cheese show deluxe.

If anything, the fight between this strangely generic "Hawkman" and Black Adam in the kid's room was pretty fun, plus some shots and maybe even some lines in between, but as a whole, this is pretty much a mess from beginning to end - a convoluted two hours that won't really satisfy you. Too many bad lines, bad moments, bad plot points, bad characters and bad visuals that will spoil the fun. The concept is intriguing, though, and I would have loved to see a better script turned into reality by a way better director. Oh well.

Rage Noir...

There's a superhero rogue packed full of rage, he's been released, and then restored, from a dark cage, quite a sociopathic type, probably kill you in a fight, not sentimental, but quite unstable, has war to wage. Cyclone, Fate and Atom Smasher have a plan, to curtail Teth-Adam's rampage with Hawkman, temper all of his frustrations, to protect the world of nations, they just need to get his lips to say 'shazam'. Meanwhile Ishmael seeks to get, Crown of Sabbac, there's a role he fancies having, a stab at, and there are those deep down below, quite keen that he has a go, and only one can take him on, our man in black.

A more than satisfying two hours of hero, antihero, baddie brilliance.


I hoped "Black Adam" would be a decent entry in DC's recent output as its linked with "Shazam" which might be their best recent movie. But nope. Its another CGI filled dud.

On the plus side there is an effort put into the story and Dwayne Johnson and his rediculusly strong shoulders buldging from his costume are 100 percent real amongst all the boring CGI. But all the team building with rubbish characters no one cares about has already been DC's downfall with the justice league, Suicide squad and even that Harley Quinn movie. And it's takes up too much time here too.

There's not enough time dedicated to making us care about any of these minor characters and their random powers. Just action, action, action that doesn't matter when you don't care about anyone in the movie.

There's some decent gags in the movie I suppose. But overall its just alot of green screen and feels like your watching a computer game instead of a movie. It's more "Aquaman" than "Shazam." So if you liked that one you'll probably like this.

Decent superhero movie

Black Adam was decent. Nice fight sequences. Some humor. But the cherry on the sundae was no other than Henry as Superman. I love Superman. Amanda was like you dont want none of this. Black Adam was like I know you not trying to feed the bears. Then Amanda was like, oh...I can show you better than I can tell you. Next thing you know the Calvary pulls up. And you know by the Calvary I mean Superman.

So what the Man of Steel say? Well he said to Black Adam, "Lets chop it up." Black Adam was like I don't know who this clown is but he might have to learn today. Then Superman chuckled to himself because he was thinking, Black Adam does not want these paws.

I can't wait!

I went in expecting at least an entertaining bad sort of film.

What I actually ended up watching was nothing short of completely unwatchable garbage.

First of all, the editing. OH MY GOD, THE EDITING. Every single scene in this film, not just the action sequences, made me feel like I was having a stroke and made it almost impossible for me to even try and invest in anything going on. I'm not joking when I say that most, if not all of the talking scenes follow the same trend of there being a deep focus on the characters face, the character saying 1-2 sentences, the camera immediately cutting to the next character who says 1-2 sentences or even simply making 1 facial expression, and then immediately cutting to the next person. As someone who usually isn't nitpicky about film editing all that much, even I have to point out how nauseous and distracting it is that there is an average of 10 cuts per 15 seconds throughout the entire experience. The fact that 95% of the editing actually got approved past post production and made it into the final product is utterly beyond me. I genuinely wonder how people could even have fun with this film when, even by simple human comprehension standards, everyone should have been suffering just trying to look at this film.

But even if you could possibly ignore this one fatal flaw that would make the entire experience near unwatchable enough on its own, the movie is still terrible. The core conflict behind this film is supposed to be exploring the idea of whether Black Adam is actually a hero or not since he constantly kills any one who stands in his way or oppresses his people, with this JSA team being the pure opposing force to his actions. On paper, that seems like a very intriguing premise, right? Well, in execution, the movie fails to bring any of the nuance that would make this idea even remotely work or have stakes. The villains of the film are nothing but ruthless, 1 note cartoon villains who opress Black Adams homeland for.....reasons, and who we aren't asked to sympathize with at all, so why should we be doing anything but rooting for Black Adam to kill them? I'm sorry, but these people are just not worth living if they won't stop at anything to oppress and/or kill innocent people that are actually worthy of life. So this movie's attempts at trying to make Black Adam not seem wholly heroic, especially with him outright saying it dozens of times, just comes off as extremely edgy, and the ideology driving the JSA's actions becomes really forced and empty.

Half of the actors in this film don't even seem interested in giving decent performances. With the boy in particular who was nothing but a supportive mouthpiece for Black Adam and the plot not being able to change his single facial expression to save his life, even when people he cares about are actively getting threatened.

I also like how the exposition in the film just never ends. You never feel the weight of anything when people are constantly explaining the plot and their respective backstories to the audience, rather than the filmmakers deciding to opt to show them. Literally the only things keeping me from giving this movie a 1/10 is Pierce Brosnans performance and chemistry with the rest of the characters, a surprisingly good and unique score, and decent visual effects.

I do not know how anyone could have possibly enjoyed this film. Again, it's not even fun bad. It's just complete garbage that represents all of the worst traits of studio franchise filmmaking. Please, do not waste the price of a movie ticket and 2 hours of your time on this. If you want to watch a really fun and off the walls action movie with with a wide, varied, and great cast, and distinct characters to compliment said cast, then Bullet Train is far more worth the price of admission. Or if you simply want great artistic fairs to see at the theatres, then you'll love Banshees of Inisherin, Tar, and the Fablemans. Just please. You can do better than this.

Yet another watered down bastardisation

"The film initially received an R rating due to several gruesome death scenes and many cuts had to be made to the film to receive the lower PG-13 rating"

^ That is all you need to know about this movie. A team of executives, producers, writers a director, an entire team of absurdly over paid people pitched an idea for a movie based on a comic character.

They then hired writers to take certain elements and plot lines from the characters long history and make a movie out of it.

They then hired directors, the highest paid yet most one dimensional "actor" in history to front it.

They spent months having re-writes and changes. Spent months filming scenes over and over again. When they were happy with it it was sent to post production where a team of very highly paid people plastered the movie in special effects.

They had it in a studio for weeks to months with music being composed, overlayed, sound lines being re-recorded, foley's producing sounds for movements and atmosphere. Then all of the audio was mixed and overlayed in a way they were happy with

And then what happened? They took a finished product that they were content was a good vehicle to tell the story and completely buthcered it. Removed any scene that had the character acting like the character he is supposed to be, removed any and all scenes that could possibly be deemed as "too much" for a child by the ridiculous american MPAA. They watered down and hacked chunks out of their own product to sell more tickets, even though it was already guaranteed to be a financial success since it has the rocks name attached to it. They destroyed a story that they themselves had concocted and the end result is a completely different end product than what was pitched and even different from what was originally filmed it's dumb it is completely and utterly moronic. If you don't want to make an R rated movie and want to make yet another generic child focused brightly coloured, pun filled movie that has about as much depth as an episode of peppa the pig then do that. Don't take a character who historically has had stories revolving around adult themes, shoot an entire movie retaining the essence of the character and then proceeding to intentionally destroy any semblence of that character or the themes you were part of creating in the first place.

I don't care for the rock personally, zero acting ability and a selfish attention seeker in real life, but this movie could and should've been good, he can't act at all but he already has the ego and arrogance that could fit this character, instead we get the most generic, predictable and low effort childish movie that DC has ever churned out.

Non-Stop, Non-Fun Action

Black Adam feels like a Marvel movie, except it cares more about how "cool" its CGI and action is, which gets in the way of a properly thought-out story and sufficient entertainment. To sum this movie up in one (or two) simple words, it's just completely pointless. Have movie celebrities, actors, directors, writers, producers and storytellers all lost their motivation for big comic book characters that fans actually care about? If they can't come up with good ideas and an actual plot, they may as well just dump the whole project instead of providing people with disappointingly boring action.

It's completely undeniable that Black Adam is a blockbuster, considering the nearly $200 million budget and the very well-constructed, fast at times action. Despite excellent costume design for the main superheroes in this movie, as well as the cinematically awesome sound effects and visual work put into the action sequences, this is an incredibly flat, pointless and majorly boring action flick that wastes it cast's potential, opportunity and money. If you care about thematic aspects, Black Adam does take a few breaks to discuss the meanings of being a hero and being a villain, but that's really about it.

Story-wise, there's nothing to say or talk about, because there's absolutely no thought for what the film is meant to be about. Again, the fantasy action is done almost impeccably, but it's ruined by the fact that since it has no plot or character development to fill in the gaps, there's flat dialogue and even more action to just pile it up into a long borefest of a mess. The entire thing is convoluted and you can feel every minute of it... Well, at least until the final third where you can feel every millisecond of it.

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Pleasantly surprised, albeit amateurly flawed that missed the mark.

I will admit I had my doubts casting Johnson, but he nailed it so well, I actually wanted more of him. He needed more dialogue, and less cheesy attempts at humor from everyone else. The story conceptually was well played out, but none of the three (inexperienced superhero) writers had the creativity to elevate the story past the predicable, muddled, cliched antics, and attempts at humor - which was hit and miss. I laughed out loud here and there, but cringed and groaned at some of the infantile humor and dialogue. The other issue was director Jaume Collet-Serra's constant slow-mo shots; some I could understand were needed, but others were just too much and felt amateurish. The convoluted exposition, overblown CGI and overbearing score didn't do the film any justice either. This film could've been great in the hands of better filmmakers. Nevertheless, I enjoyed it more than expected, and I feel the critics went too hard on this one. It's a well deserved 8/10 from me.

Absolutely Awful!

I was looking forward to this flick, but it was simply awful. If you've seen the clips, you've seen all the best parts of the movie. I wasn't looking for Oscar quality, but at least some semblance of a plot. And I've read plenty of comic books in my day, so I know what a decent comic book plot is like.

Visually, the movie was almost entirely CGI and it wasn't the best CGI either. The Rock basically did a few scenes where he showed an angry facial expression and the rest was CGI. And the story, if you can call it that, was sloppy. For example, how does a long dead guy in what I assume is somewhere in the Middle East get resurrected speaking perfect American English? And why does the Justice Society just attack him without finding out his story?

The movie was so bad even my 13 year old son left the theater saying it was one of the worst movies he's ever seen. Hawkman was the one redeeming aspect of the movie. It was nice to see him introduced to the DC cinematic universe.

If you want to see it, best to wait until it comes out to stream at home for a few bucks.

Surprised this is getting decent reviews

Thought Bland Adam was another misfire for the DCEU Universe. Basically a poor combination of Justice League, Eternals and Shazam! This is a movie I probably won't remember at all in the near future. Too much slo-mo and lack of fun. Pierce Brosnan was probably the highlight as he gives the film a little bit of a spark to the cast of characters.

Otherwise very dull characters which you care little about, wonky special effects in places and humour which doesn't work most of the time. Dwayne Johnson has little charisma in this film and I simply didn't care what happened. This was overall kinda bad honestly.