Reviews for Spirited ( ) 1080p

IMDB: 6.2 / 10

A new Christmas Classic!

This movie has everything! A fun musical that makes fun of itself, with a sweet story, humor, emotion, and all of the qualities of a great Christmas movie. The story has enough twists to make you invested in the characters and wanting to know how it will end. My wife and I watched this with our 14 year old and we all loved it.

One of my favorite moments was how the extras would break out into dance, like a flash mob. The over-the-top musical numbers totally worked, and added to great story! Excellent writing and of course Ryan Reynolds's and Will Ferrell are brilliant together. Great chemistry and thoroughly entertaining to watch.

It's our new favorite Christmas movie that we'll watch every Christmas for sure. Thank you for bringing such a joyful, fun movie that was brought smiles to our faces.

Funny and heartwarming; we'll acted and choreographed; extremely well written and great message for everyone who feels unredeemable.


I had high hopes for this as 2 of my all time favourite actors are joint leads but I couldn't even finish it!!

I don't think I even made it to the halfway mark.

A more realistic score would be 2/10 but I added 2 for Will and Ryan.

Also since when did you have to write an essay in here to leave a review. That's silly!

I said all I needed to say in half that many characters and if people just wanted to leave drivel that wasn't actually a review they certainly wouldn't bother logging in to type out 250 characters!

Please review your need for such long reviews, a short succinct review is far more readable than this long winded essay I've been forced to write!!


Hard to Sit Through

The script was actually a clever take on the Scrooge story, and Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell both did a good job. Sunita Mani was probably the best supporting character (very funny). However, the musical numbers were really difficult to watch. Something about the music and lyrics was really off. In parts where they tried to sound sincere, it sounded corny; in parts where they tried to sound funny, it wasn't working. At just over 2 hours, it felt like an eternity. This shouldn't have been a musical. It would have worked better as a comedy. I recommend you skip it. Or just re-watch any of the great Christmas comedies already out there.

Brought my spirits up

Spirited is literally everything I wanted from a Christmas musical and so much more, it is so, so good, I truly adored this Apple TV+ original and anyone who is a fan of musicals should check it out, you'll be treating yourself to an amazing time.

Wow, Ryan Reynolds, I truly cannot get enough of that man, I will watch anything and everything he is in, he puts on a truly brilliant performance in this and his chemistry with Will Ferrell is absolutely unmatched, this film truly takes the viewer on a beautiful journey about redeeming yourself that made me cry inside.

The musical numbers were absolutely spectacular, they were both marvelously choreographed and truly brilliantly hilarious, even though this movie was 2+ hours it somehow managed to just keep me wanting more the entire time.

Spirited gets an A.


Meh. I personally wasn't a big fan. Started off good but quickly went downhill and just couldn't recover from the fall. It was not as funny as I anticipated. I'm not big on musicals either though. The music and lyrics were just okay. Seemed to be trying so hard to be hip and fun that it was neither. I do however get the overall message of the movie (to be kind to everyone). If you have children please do them a favor and don't waste their time. It's quite lengthy in runtime. It was also pretty cheesy/cringey at times. For the cast it was quite disappointing. Probably wouldn't watch again.!!!!!

Good Afternoon!

This is a modern musical take on the Christmas classic Dickensian tale, A Christmas Carol starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds.

It is well done with neat effects, lavish song and dance numbers aplenty, fresh comedic takes on love at the holidays and full of heart with all things family.

It is as fun as it is endearing.

There is a fascinating twist involving the origin of Ferrell's character and his actual identity in the film and from whence and where he actually came from.

Ryan Reynolds always does what he does best and does it here as well, and that is, basically being Ryan Reynolds. But here he also sings and dances and does both quite well.

My favorite song in this production is, Good Afternoon! This is an entertaining and funny bit as well as a running gag throughput the remainder of the movie which makes it all the more enjoyable.

Are there better movie versions of A Christmas Carol? Yes. Of course.

I love Disney's A Christmas Carol, The Muppet Christmas Carol, Scrooge, and Scrooged.

Are there better movie musicals? Absolutely.

La La Land. Moulin Rouge for starters.

But this is a nice, comedic Christmas musical very much in the holiday spirit and should be experienced as such.

And it should be seen and heard in the theater.

Maybe go to a matinee. Good Afternoon!

If you like Christmas and musicals, you'll love this

There isn't much deep things to say about this movie. It's a new spin on The Christmas Carol, it's a comedy musical and it's incredibly enjoyable.

In my opinion it starts a bit boring but then it really picked up when the story actually started to happen. It brings something original to the iconic Christmas Carol, it's funny and the songs are catchy and fun.

If you're looking to watch something Christmasy and you like musicals this is a must watch. Absolute delight for a family, even though I'm single and I watched it alone in my couch while eating crisps lol.

My only negative opinion is that the humour can be a bit cringy sometimes but that's okay, it made me laugh too! 8/10, I'd definitely recommend. Well maybe not if you don't like musicals and people bursting into songs or Christmas.

An easy watch

Watched this with the family. I gage how entertained my family is by how often they go to their phone. That didn't happen for this movie.

I'm not much for musicals and it took a little bit to get used to the musical numbers, but I ended up putting on the closed captioning because the songs were actually witty and you had to pay attention to the lyrics. There are a few dirty words so it might not be for the really young kids. There are LOL moments, and there are some very endearing moments. I won't put it over Scrooged (my all time favorite Christmas Movie) but it definitely could reach an annual must watch Christmas movie. I know I'll watch again some time during this Christmas season.

Great, fun film!

Oh,my! Another musical with Will Ferrell??? And this time, with Ryan Reynolds??? What???

This is not the first time I have seen Will Ferrell doing a musical film and to be honest, I like all that he did! From the Elf, Euro Vision and now Spirited?! All great and fun films for the whole fambam!

But this is the first time I have seen Ryan Reynolds doing a musical. I did not expect he's gonna nail it!

The teaming up was good. Both were fun and suit their characters. Not only they can make you laugh on this film but they can also make you cry.

Great story indeed. There is a moral lesson you will learn.

BRILLIANT!! So much fun, so well done.

NOT a movie for kids. Let's start there, lol

Spirited is a fun fun fun Christmas movie. Wholly unexpected, totally amazing. I was prepared for cheese, got strikingly well done comedy and dancing and acting and song writing.

Ryan and Will feed off each other perfectly. While clearly not musical performers, they did a good job. Octavia was lovely. All of the actors, really - just so well done.

I was thrilled by the level of musicality. The choreography was STUNNING.

I don't know who or what happened to make this Christmas Miracle happen, but I hope they do more fantastic projects in the future.

The movie is having too much high ratings

I am not joking, that's too much love and ratings i am seeing again here for a movie.

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, come on these are the bigger name. Nothing beats Will Ferrell when it comes to comedy and Ryan Reynolds can bring in fun in any character he plays, doubt me? Well just imagine him playing the role of Dracula and immediately you will picture the fun side.

It is good, bringing some fun to the musical version of Charles Dickens's story but just found it too much musical, one two or three would have done the trick, but not every other scene. That made it a bit boring in the end.

Well not bad but just one time watch only. Not beyond that.

Suspend your disbelief!

I started this movie with misgivings, that I have never really liked the source material (Scrooge), and the recent remakes have been less than great. But, I liked Elf, because Will Ferrell played it so straight, that even if you do not think Santa and Elves exist, Will believed that all of it was real. With that in mind, I believed that Will Ferrell, Ryan Reynolds, Octavia Spencer and the rest of the cast felt that this world was real, that things can be changed by looking at the past, present and future, and changing the world. Forget the issues in the world that cause us to not get along with each other. Believe that things can be changed. Believe that people can break out in song and dance that tells their story at any moment, and enjoy this movie! With that in mind, enjoy this movie. I liked it!!

This was so much fun!

This is so far the best modern day re-creation of a Christmas Carol I've ever seen! This was spectacularly done in modern times! At first when I viewed the trailers, I thought it was just going to be nothing much, but just Will Ferrell and Ryan singing, knocked my socks off how good it was! The songs are catchy and witty, and go along with the story. Meanwhile, the story is heartfelt and actually legitimately has soul in the movie, and is actually trying to teach important life lessons about what it is to give someone a second chance who is done nothing but bad deeds in their life. This movie actually tries a lot harder than I was expecting. The world they create behind the scenes how everything works is really exciting an interesting to see, with a purpose behind it all! This is a great fun watch and so and creative!

What a joy and a new Christmas classic!

What a wonderful take on an age old story.

I'm not generally a musicals fan, but this was delightful! Who knew that Ryan Reynolds or Octavia Butler could sing, and well at that. I knew that Will Ferrell sang, but Octavia Butler was a surprise and she has a beautiful voice at that.

The story was well written, unpredictable even though we know the basics of this age old story. The twists and turns they gave it in this updated version kept me engaged. Even though you could guess the logical conclusion of the story, it was hard to predict the progression of events that would attain that conclusion, which kept it moving and carried one's interest all the way through.

The fact that it was a musical in this case, added to the film. Whereas generally a musical is something I have to suffer through, especially when they constantly make the story more about the music than the story, like Disenchanted, which could take a lesson from the masterful delivery of this film.

This film has become an instant Christmas classic and well deserved.

Wonderful. Marvelous. Life affirming.

This was great fun.

It is over the top, corny, sickly sweet and full of niceness.

My take is that the musical pieces are over the top on purpose - as alluded to by several characters. It is meant to be cheesy. Its meant to be self aware and mocking the genre.

There are references to lots of other movies and musicals all over the place, but if I had to classify it I'd say its part traditional scrooge, part scrooged (the Bill Murray movie) and part greatest showman (so much so I was expecting Jackman to make an appearance).

Its very meta in places. Its self referential.

The songs are funny and over the top.

The three leads are fantastic.

The whole thing is played with much gusto.

And this is coming from someone who loathes musicals.

Its also very funny. Ferrell was born to play the role he is playing here. Reynolds is close to the type of character he is known best for - but it works well (thats not a criticism - I think he is very well cast). Spencer is perfect - bringing some heart to proceedings.

Don't take it too seriously - its fun.

Spirited, but that's about it

The good: The production is well done, with a decent mix of singing and speaking - with one not overstating the other. There's no outstanding musical number but all the songs are serviceable to the plot / characters. Props also for trying to do something different.

The bad: The film's muddled messaging and plot are probably what brought it down mostly for me. The film literally jumps between story and character threads making the film feel aimless and lacking a consistent arc. The movie drags in the third act with inorganic scenes popped from an SNL skit feeling tacked on to each other as the movie jumps to where the plot demands it be. It's also not that funny. You'd think with Ferrell and Reynolds there'd be some comedic gold. But really, it's just a couple of nice-looking rocks scattered throughout the film's 2 hour runtime.

Summary: You can see what the film/musical was trying to do. But the lacklustre singing numbers, excessive runtime and muddled messaging really hinder the film. It is an ok musical which tries hard to be 'spirited' but ends up lacking a soul. I've watched it once, and that's enough for me.

I really wanted to like it.

I should say there are a select few musicals that I like so I'm already giving this a lower rating, but even with that aside, this movie was dreadful! I really wanted to love it...hell I would have been happy if it was okay! The songs were so painfully boring and so one note. I'm sorry...I love these guys but not this movie. Musicals to watch: Moulin Rouge, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Mamma Mia (all), Mary Poppins and several others with good music and story lines... just not this one. This movie would have been better without music. Also I was done with my review about 100 characters ago but I'm forced to waffle on!. DONE!

Christmas spirits

What made me interested in this movie was not that it was a version of the Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol, but it was doing something new with the idea and it is aware of the classic story.

Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds are a great comedic duo in this movie; they were funny, and they were good at singing the songs in this movie. Also, other actors like Octavia Spencer were good and good in the musical numbers.

I liked how they say that the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and future did not just redeem Scrooge, but they redeem other people who are jerks throughout the years. Also, how Christmas spirits can retire or how they become Christmas spirits was interesting.

The songs and musical numbers were cool to see and nice to listen to, along with the dance choreography looking great. There was also nice cinematography in the scenes that looked pretty, and the effects were good.

Spirited (2022) is a nice movie to watch around the holidays; The movie has a great comedic duo that are funny, songs that are nice to listen to, and a clever idea that takes A Christmas Carol and does a twist on it that works. I can see people enjoying this movie.

Fun, Charming and Meaningful!

Thoroughly enjoyed this gem of a Christmas movie! Pleasantly surprised by the singing and dancing talents of Will, Ryan and Olivia. Will Ferrell solidifies his status as a multi-faceted talent. Ryan Reynolds was at his funny and charming best. Great 'bro-mance' chemistry between Will and Ryan. Several laugh out loud moments. A meaningful message and timely moral of the story. Catchy songs and great dancing. I was worried about the length but it moved along well. My co-watcher hates musicals but reported enjoying herself. Best feel-good Christmas movie I've seen in a while. I'll keep this one in my annual holiday repertoire for sure!

Not what expected - but better!

I'm honestly not sure what I expected, but it wasn't this. It took me a little bit to get into it as I thought it was just going to be another so-so remake of the overdone "Christmas Carol." When I learned that it was a semi-musical, I was slightly less enthused as I am not a big fan of musicals. In the end, it was just what I needed. It might be just what a lot of people need. It was funny, witty, charming and uplifting with just a touch of adult humor here and there. It is also something that has a relevant message for kids and teens. There were certainly some plot twists that set it apart from the normal run of the mill remake. In the end, it was a great watch. In fact, I might even watch it again.