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IMDB: 7.6 / 10

Problem lies with viewers.

I have come to realize that if one is making a movie for families it will never get high enough rating, that's a given. Frankly, People who only watch and love Noah Baumbach and Terrence Malick movies should not expect similar experience from Slumberland. This limits the movie's reach to people who would have otherwise experienced it and loved it. I gave it a well deserved 8 since it is very well made but it is no The Return of the King. Not as much layered as some would want it to be but, come on, it made for viewing as a family which includes kids as young as 8 years old (my family) it indeed is competently handled by Francis Lawrence. A simple story with a lot of heart. Cool CGI and imaginative set pieces along with amazing performance across the board do help. I wasn't expecting it to be so good, just wanted to have a good time with my kids but was completely drawn in. This is a perfect one for holidays. Give it a go and you won't be disappointed.

Great for teens & adults

This was. Great movie for young teens and adults. It may be a little scary at times and a little deep for younger children. Parents may want to watch it first to decide if it is age appropriate.

Has hidden meanings and if you catch them all, you will probably tear up.

Great casting (gotta love Mamoa) though I had doubts about one in the beginning but that's where a great story line takes the actor where they should go.

Cool artistic creation. Nice surprises with funny characters.

Definitely worth seeing again and keeping in teen video library.

They will probably catch get something more out of it, each time they watch it.

Visually amazing and a stellar cast!

When Nemo (Marlow Barkley) hears the unsettling news that her father, Peter (Kyle Chandler), has disappeared while sailing in the sea, she is sent to live with her uncle, Philip (Chris O'Dowd). He tries desperately to bond with her, but Nemo takes comfort in her dreams, with the outlaw, Flip (Jason Mamoa), who has a history of being the number one most wanted criminal in 'Slumberland'.

Visually awe-inspiring scenes are the biggest win to this film; from the ocean to the butterfly-mosaic dance scene, everything is incredibly vivid. The script, while somewhat predictable, is well done and doesn't leave much in the way of holes. The flow is smooth and the acting is very enjoyable!

Definitely worth a watch!

An insight to how your dreams affect your reality

Truly a piece of art.

There are so many negative reviews and I'm seriously wondering who these philistines are???

Highly recommended to this movie for anyone over 10 years old, as some of the nuances need a little more maturity.

Other than that, I can safely say I had a great time watching it, as like with any onion, layers keep being peeled away as the movie progresses and there is never a boring moment in this masterpiece.

So tag along for the ride and it will be a roller coaster , not only visually, but also emotionally too. It brings you up, down, turns you all around.

So enjoy!

Nuff said.

DK out.


Directed by Francis Lawerence. A runtime of one hour and fifty-seven minutes. Streaming on Netflix with a PG rating. "Nemo" played by Marlow Barkley lives in a lighthouse with her best friend/dad "Peter" played by Kyle Chandler. Their bond kind of reminds me of my and my mom's relationship.

"Peter" would tell "Nemo" these elaborate stories about this dreamworld "Slumberland". He would go into how his outlaw best friend "Flip" played by Jason Momoa and would do all these thrilling adventures.

After "Peter" tragic death "Nemo" is sent to live with her estranged "Uncle Phillip" played by Chris O'Dowd. But it's not all doom and gloom. "Nemo" realizes that "Flip" along with "Slumberland" is very real.

Now she and "Flip" will join forces going through dreams, and nightmares while avoiding dream police like "Agent Green" played by Weruche Opia. All in the hope of "Nemo" potentially seeing her father again. In this creative and fun film.

"Slumberland" looked like Jason Momoa and Marlow Barkley had an amazing time filming this. Jason didn't have to change that much about himself for this role. He's a big kid at heart and loves his children. Those characteristics played very well in this film. You have to have an imagination especially being in front of a green screen most of the time. But you could tell it wasn't hard for either of them to tap into their imaginations. They both did an amazing job.

Visually this film was great. With the concept being creative and intriguing. I love dream films because it always makes me think about my mom. I want to dream about my mom so badly. But I can never actually do it. It's very far and Inbetween. The dreams are usually tragic on top of that.

But boy that would be amazing to just dive into my imagination. Take this wild and fun journey with my daughter. With the potential of seeing my mom one last time or many times. That's stuff only dreams are made of.

The film was sad, but also a thrilling wild ride. I loved it. Without having my issues affect my lens, the film by itself was just fun. I love creativity like that. I enjoyed watching it and even though it made me sad at times. I also appreciated just living in my thoughts with that ending, thinking man I wish this was real. Great film for all ages. I give it four mor fires ????????.


Absolutely Delightful

I absolutely loved this children's fantasy movie soooooo very much! I'm over 50 so not the demographic, but I thought it was wonderful, magical, delightful, even.

I love the hopeful tone of the movie, that love and hope can beat out even the worst feelings of despair and loss.

The little girl actress was very good, and the adults were also good.

It was beautifully filmed; the CGI was lovely and it took me back to my own childhood. There's definitely a sense of wonder in this movie.

The little CGI pig was so adorable that I wish I had one, lol. So cute.

The plot was good, fast paced, and the whole thing was well written.

What a lovely, refreshing change from regular shows on Netflix.

It was great!

I don't get the bad reviews and honestly thought this would get at least an 8/10 for over all rating. But that being said you can't make everyone happy. My wife and I loved the story and think we loved it more than our kids lol. It was a roller coaster of emotions. Had tears at times, laughter at others, pure joy, thrilling worrisome excitement, etc. I would recommend this movie more to kids between the ages of 7-14. Our youngest who was 5 just didn't get it. But that's ok. I think this is a classic that I undoubtedly will watch again with my youngest when she is older. Fun movie overall with all the right components to make it memorable.

A New Classic

I adored this movie. For someone who has become quite cynical with today's world, this film has somewhat renewed my faith that mankind is capable of wonders. Marlow Barkley was perfect in this role, and Jason Momoa was wondrous. The special effects were beyond great. This is, hands down, my favorite movie in at least the last decade. It reminds me somewhat of "What Dreams May Come" with Robin Williams. That said, this film is not as dark. There were times when the amazing scenery made me gasp in wonder. I will be watching this film over and over again. I can see this becoming a go to movie for the holiday season (or really any season). Do yourselves a favor and watch this. You won't be disappointed.

A great surprise, as it's surprisingly great

I didn't really have high expectations for this but I was completely wrong.

The film is frankly quite beautiful, the cinematography is amazing, it's surprisingly emotional (the good kind where it allows the audience to actually decide what to feel about the film rather than telling them what they should feel), the soundtrack is wonderful both uplifting and haunting in places.

And the well written script brings the best out of a very talented cast without decending into cringeworthy kids film tropes such as endless fart jokes, all male characters being stupid, and irritating talking animals that seems to plague modern Hollywood.

A really magic adventure for kids and adults alike.


This is an amazing film, the cgi were superb, the shots were amazing. It was truly fantasy dream come true. Best family movie for this year. Kids will love this and definitely will not bore the adults. Plotwise, solid story, clear message, light humor and wholesome. It's an adventure and fantastical. Love this film.

Since my review were too short I guess, I'll start ranting about this film, so read at your own cost. Firstly, I thought it was kind of slow paced. But the beginning of the film was tooo beautiful. The shots, the piano and the edits were too stunning and mesmerising. Then, I stayed for the moment to see how it goes. Damn, it got reall sad too quick. But then the girl got adventure in slumberland. Then, it got interesting as it got connected to the real world. Didn't see that coming honestly. Then, at the end it got reall sappy for me. I mean, I got tears in my eyes bruh like I could relate 100% with the story plus the message throughout the film got me.

Of the two Marlow Barkley movies for Xmas 2022, this is the good one.

I really liked this movie. It had just the right balance of sad and sweet.

I was a bit worried about the length. But for it being 2 hours long, it doesn't drag like that other movie. It didn't need ten versions of the same song around the same theme.

The dream sequences are amazingly well-done. The cast carries the rest. Barkley, Momoa and O'Dowd are hitting all the right notes to keep me emotionally invested.

It is a nice modern take on a century-old source because exploring what dreams mean is timeless and how they interplay with grief and growing-up.

It may seem like just an adventure movie for kids but it has heart and poignancy. And Pig is adorable.

Winsor McKay would be proud.

Very surprised - I loved it! (NO SPOILERS)

Well, the credits are rolling and I'm wiping away my tears. What a film! You know how Pixar do kids films but they gut you if you're an adult? Slumberland just did that to me.

The energy of this film is of those best Pixar bittersweet moments, the feel is dreamlike hyper-reality like Babe or the even weirder sequel, Pig In The City. Or Happy Feet's opera sequence. Indeed, I had to check this wasn't written/directed by the Mad Max don, it's so similar in raw peculiarity.

This is a film meant for kids that outshines allegedly adult fare in its acting performances, writing and direction. It is Paddington good and I don't say that lightly.

Slumberland could have coasted by and I would have been fine with that. The fact that it tries to connect, that it gives so much is why it has to be an 8/10

The only warning I would give is for adults watching this: if you've been through recent heavy familial trauma, you might want to give it a miss.

Jason Momoa made it tolerable

Slumberland is a mediocre modern take on Little Nemo in Slumberland, a New York Herald comic strip from 1905.

Imagine a combination of Monsters Inc, Bedtime Stories, and a touch of Inception. Even with tens of millions of dollars and Francis Lawrence directing, there's not a single good scene. There are a few creative art references in the dream like McKay's giant walking bed. Unfortunately, Lawrence's take on Alice in Wonderland is uninspired and rather ugly. It looks like the characters are walking through a Nintendo game sometimes, other times it's clear they didn't use a greenscreen because the scene looks like the director's mansion in LA.

Jason Momoa is usually hilarious, and he thrives this role as Jack Sparrow crossed with a centaur. It is far from his best performance, but marginally better than anyone else here.

It hits every beat of a Netflix original young adult fantasy feature: Terrible CGI, Mediocre child acting, Illogical alternate reality, No established rules, Predictable twist ending, Unfunny comic relief, The kids are way smarter than adults.

Well, at least it's not as bad as The School for Good and Evil, but it's pretty bad.

A lot of fun.

Jason Momoa was part Beetlejuice, part Jack Sparrow.

He did a terrific job and was great fun to watch. He has turned into a very versatile and likable actor.

Chandler. Barkley and O'Dowd were also very good in their parts.

I don't know what the critics were whining about, I really liked it and would have loved it as a kid.

A few laugh out loud moments, and touching ones as well. Well paced and fun action sequences. Special effects, with a couple exceptions, were outstanding for what they are.

The plot, while somewhat predictable in parts, was unique and fun.

While not perfect, I would have changed nothing. Great job in my mind, critics are too critical:)

Absolutely must see

I. Am. Blown. Away! I'm not really into "kids" movies to be honest, so I went in with minimal expectations. But this film is incredible! I would be surprised if it's not a classic that people look back on years from now with fond memories and nostalgia. The writing and characters were incredibly well-written and set in a beautifully created world of wonder. Mamoa absolutely nailed it with this character. I got very strong Howie Mandel from little monsters vibes and it was awesome but he also gave Flip a life of his own. He brought flip to life so perfectly. In fact, everything about this film is perfect. My face is drenched in the tears of raw emotion.

Amazing film

Really good story about a girl trying to reconnect with the world. Balled my eyes out. The acting was very well done, Jason Mamoa, Chris O'Dowd and Marlow Barkley did and an amazing job. Marlow has a very bright future ahead of her as an actress and I can't wait to see what's next in her career. This film was truly beautiful; absolutely ten out of ten stars. Please go see it as many times as you can. They should absolutely do a follow up. I'd love to see how the characters continue to develop and grow. Francis lawrence did a great job as a director, he's normally a lot more serious with his work, but this was a nice, lighthearted, yet poignant film.

Heartfelt, Fun Movie!

I'm a 52-year-old woman whose only child is years out of the house & I came across this on Netflix's Top-10 U. S. Movies list & decided to give it a watch, being a Jason Momoa fan. What a delightful surprise this movie was!

For me, it had great, new world-building/quickly gets the viewer up to speed on the in/outs of Slumberland, solid character development, & a decent plot, along with lots of adventure, laughs, & heart!

Finally, Jason Momoa easily had me fully-convinced that he was this unique new character, and throughout, it felt like had a blast fitting into this character's big shoes! This role shows a whole new side of his acting range that I thoroughly enjoyed!

This is a quality family film, that I will definitely recommend to Family & Frinends!


Good story, good humour, good acting.

Interesting enough to hold my attention most of the way through (just maybe slightly a bit too long, which is really the only gentle critique I have).

Unique to the film, I thought, is that all of the characters were very likeable--something that's refreshingly feel-good and hard to find in anything you watch today. Even the "antagonist(s)" turn out to be likeable and I really appreciated that! I did cry just a little (not from sadness, but from being so moved).

All in all, a good Sunday afternoon watch for anyone, from grampas and grandkids, to boyfriends and girlfriends (or whichevers), or just by yourself--if seeing this was a potential beau's idea of a first date, he'd get a second. Just sayin'... ??

Another attempt to ruin childhood memories.

Do your self a big favor and stay away from this garbage, this is a terrible movie and a majir waste of time.

Is there no original authors anymore?

Most movies today, are just a bad copy of something older and Slumberland is definitely not an exception. Just like Avata is the story of Pochahontas, but on another planet and with special effects.

Why are so many male characters turned in to females today, write a new story with new characters instead and make them whatever you want.

It seems like an bad attempt, to encourage some of the most extreme feminists, to stop tapping their keyboard anytime a guy says hello.

Nemo is a boys name not a girls name, it comes from Greek and mean "nobody" not girl.

i loved it

It was a fantasy fiction movie which was perfectly made the cgi was awesome the editng was so good and the actors casted were awesome to play the roles specially the main lead child actor's acrting was so real that we felt that she is realy the character in real life as she played in the movie so my advice is to watch the full movie dont judge it by the first 20-30 minutes watch it completely then review it and yeah also write the review of this movie so can other people who think this movie is for below 12 yr old they will be proved wrong netflix is very much on improving its content ths movie was good.